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'Dead or Alive Ultimate' (Xbox) Website Launched

by Judy on Nov. 3, 2004 @ 5:47 a.m. PST

Tecmo announced the launch of the Dead or Alive Ultimate official website promoting the series' latest Xbox Live edition. Flock to the "Virtual Arcade" where eight players can participate in a fighting session from anywhere in the world. The promotional web site will ultimately evolve into the brand hub for all Dead or Alive games, events, and activities.

Consistent with one of the chief appeals of the game, the Dead Or Alive characters are given top billing on the new Dead Or Alive site and profiles include their stories and statistics. Character sounds or utterances are delivered in staccato bursts once a character box is illuminated through a rollover interaction and the profile appears.

Several features were designed to further maximize adrenalized interactivity and information for the Dead or Alive crowd.

These include:

  • an interactive gallery with speed control for viewing sixty in-game screen shots
  • a downloadable trailer with fighting highlights from the Dead or Alive Ultimate series
  • twelve exclusive downloadable wallpapers
  • Tecmo's 30-second TV spot which is currently airing on national television networks
  • a mouse-activated, bi-directional bar of miniature stages that can be clicked for full- screen viewing
  • a press section with links to third-party media reviews and insights -a team Ninja section that is forthcoming, and will showcase Tecmo's esteemed
    development team

The project was a labor of love for Resource Interactive Senior Interaction Designer Jason Oleszczuk, whose own Dead or Alive fan web site fuelled the creative design and ensured the information hierarchy, sound, and even navigational characteristics were wholly true to the brand.

"My greatest challenge was to include as many of the Dead or Alive assets as we possibly could in a fashion that would mimic the multi-layered intensity and gameplay of the Dead Or Alive experience. When you have a group of game developers as talented as Team Ninja with an unequaled eye for detail from the electric interiors of a reactor core; to the ice, stone, and snow of The White Storm; and the delicately falling cherry blossoms of The Yozakura, you work very hard to find the interactive marketing equivalent of this world."

"We are very proud and excited about this new online home for the Dead or Alive franchise. The team at Resource Interactive put their heart and soul into the design, and we hope that DOA fans will find the site lives up to the excellence of the brand," said Andrea Frechette, Marketing Manager for Tecmo, Inc.

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