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'Ground Control II: Operation Exodus' - v1.0.0.8 Dedicated Server

by Judy on Nov. 3, 2004 @ 5:49 p.m. PST

Massive Entertainment has released an updated dedicated server for their sci-fi 3D RTS Ground Control II: Operation Exodus. This v1.0.0.8 update for the dedicated server includes everything you need to host your own game server for up to eight players (thanks 3DGamers). Read more for download links ...
Get the GC2 v1.0.0.8 Dedicated Server patch off WP (6mb)


[1] Introduction
[2] Setup
[3] Firewall issues
[4] Commandline options
[5] INi-files options
[6] Custom Maps


This Readme.txt file will give a brief explanation how to setup and run a Dedicated Server (DS).


One DS will be able to host a game for up to 8 players. If you want to host games for more players you will have to setup the servers to use different (unique) ports (see INI-file Options below).

Quick setup:

1. Edit the dedicated.ini file:
* Change [GameName] to something other than the default name.
* If it's a LAN game change [ReportToGamespy] to 0

2. Run the server by starting gc2ds.exe

3. Have fun

Good practice is usually to make the server restart automatically in case of problems using some kind of script or batch file. See runserver.cmd for an example.


You have to allow outgoing traffic on the following ports:



You also have to allow incoming traffic to the ports defined in the INI-File (QueryPort, ReliablePort and UDPRangeStart).

If you are behind a firewall you will need to forward incoming traffic on the ports defined in the INI-file (QueryPort, ReliablePort and UDPRangeStart). If your server doesn't show up, try setting [UseFireWallSettingsFlag] to 1 and enter your firewalls public IP under [PublicIP].


The GC2 community are constantly producing Custom maps using XEd. XEd outputs a SDF file containing all the data needed to play on the map. If you want to be able to host games using these maps, place them in a directory named "custom_maps".

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