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NRA Varmint Hunter

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action
Publisher: Speedco Shooting Sports, Inc
Developer: Speedco Shooting Sports, Inc

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'NRA Varmint Hunter' Shoots its Way to Stores

by Judy on Nov. 8, 2004 @ 12:21 p.m. PST

Varmint Hunting - NRA is an exciting new game for the hunting enthusiast combining the expertise of Speedco Shooting Sports "developer of Xtreme Accuracy Shooting" and the broad knowledge and educational base of the National Rifle Association. The game will feature a very high degree of realism and education in the craft of long range shooting, and the boundless enjoyment of the fastest growing hunting sport in the USA. It's all there for your enjoyment with the NRA Varmint Hunting game.

NRA Varmint Hunter offers both "up close" and "long range" shooting at prairie dogs and ground hogs, two of the most popular varmints found in the U.S. The game is "as real as it gets," with phenomenal graphics, actual ballistics models, and real animal behaviors. The action takes place on varmint terrains modeled after actual varmint hunting locations across the U.S.

Game players have their choice of factory guns and ammo, or custom guns and a reloading mode. Many calibers are offered as well as the more popular "wildcats" for the 1,000 yard shots. The ballistics model and the shooting challenges are unmatched by any computer game. NRA Varmint Hunter brings accuracy shooting and the hunting sports together in a new, fun and entertaining game that offers something for everyone who enjoys game playing, shooting, or hunting.

NRA Varmint Hunter is loaded with unlimited hours of "game play." The realism of the varmint shooting action has great appeal to the shooter who wants the ultimate long distance hunting challenge, or the hunter who wants to sharpen his shooting skills on moving targets.

The NRA contributed a wealth of education and training information to the game, with additional support and direction from The Varmint Hunters Association and other top shooting professionals. Such contributions ensure total accuracy and realistic varmint hunting action throughout the game. Jackie Rheborg, Managing Editor of the Varmint Hunter Magazine, states, "This game is as tangible as you can get without physically shooting prairie dogs."

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