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'Knights Over Europe' - Screens

by Judy on Nov. 8, 2004 @ 6:00 p.m. PST

Knights Over Europe is a World War I combat flight simulation brought to you by a team whose collective experience includes Red Baron II, the Falcon 3 series, the Close Combat series and Fly II.

Knights Over Europe brings the dawn of aerial combat up-to-date with leading edge graphics, high fidelity flight models and precision damage modeling. Dozens of highly detailed aircraft with historically accurate markings will set the stage for an experience that will attract both hard-core flightsim fans and novices alike.

Take to the skies in any one of over a dozen painstakingly detailed aircraft. With leading-edge graphics, high-fidelity flight models, in-your-face action, realistic tactics and endless depth of play, you won't be left wanting. Whether rushing toward the earth on an attack run, weaving through the sky during a dogfight, or ducking between the clouds on a reconnaissance mission, you'll have to continually remind yourself that you're fighting from the safety of your own home.

Features :

  • Ultra-realistic Flight Models
  • Dozens of Flyable Aircraft
  • Cutting-edge Damage Modeling
  • High_Resolution Terrain
  • Advanced 3D Graphics Engine

Take pleasure in slicing away at your enemy in a classic dogfight or blowing your opponent to bits in a full-throttle zoom attack. Either way you'll never cripple an enemy the same way twice. Thrill as you watch individually tracked bullets punch precise holes into your prey. Savor the pain of your enemy as holes develop into tears handicapping their aircraft. Relish the moment of victory as you continue to hammer them; splaying chunks of wood and fabric into the air, as their airplane disintegrates around them or bursts into flames. But beware of flying debris, lest you fall victim to your own handy work!

If you've been longing for a truly thrilling air combat experience, then you've been waiting for "Knights Over Europe". Take a break from the complex cockpits of today and do some serious stick and rudder work in the deadly skies of World War I.

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