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'SuperPower 2' - v1.3 Update Patch Available NOW

by Judy on Dec. 14, 2004 @ 11:18 a.m. PST

Get the SuperPower 2 v1.3 [UK/US] patch off WP (8mb)

Here's the list of fixes for v1.3:

- Savegame now saves the training progress of units
- Fixed drag box over a window misplacement
- Strategic warfare view improved
- Glitches in unit production window resolved
- Implemented a decrease relations when nuclear research is done
- Added a low detail earth texture & option
- Fixed crash after economical failure in SP
- Thematic map are not closed when ending game anymore
- Old cursors replaced by new ones
- Battle summary window are now queued in mail
- Added a version number in the log file
- Drop in/out warning added
- Fixed crash when requesting war declaration and sponsoring it
- Added a "split units equally" button in split window
- Fixed a join multiplayer game crash (server info window)
- Cancelling SP game doesn't make first attemp to join or host game fail anymore
- Fixed language and religion percentage bug (adding them not giving 100%)
- Fixed crash when clicking on quick treaty
- You can now cancel unit production done by other countries for you
- Reduced the news quantity
- Trade window and trade data added
- Trade system AI added
- Cancelled unit production don't reappear after deletion anymore
- Comboboxes are now sorted (no matter what the language is)
- You can not have the USA (AI) assume your debt all the time anymore
- Unit movement speed affected by elevation now
- Fixed corrupted savegame bug
- Adding custom goals in singleplayer custom game mode
- Player should not be able to join as an annexed country
- AI Should build more units in time of peace
- Unit split crash
- Reasons to have treaties refused will appear to player
- Be able to launch nuke in self defense
- Validating Mods for MP Games
- Align selection square in Battle Overview map
- Command line to load mods
- High Taxes rate should have more of a bad effect
- Glitch in join MP game window (update of servers)
- Invalid SDK version when starting an SP game or hosting
- Join Multiplayer Dual Select
- Parent mod notion added (for modders)
- Billion units bug
- Custom goals not reloaded correctly
- Password, give focus to edit box automatically
- Change mail notification associated with gain/loss of region control
- ASW helicopters can't merge with naval groups nor can they be deployed on water
- Propagate MOD official status through network
- Do not allow 100% taxes
- Grey-out window items when foreign country is selected
- History Window not hidden (or killed) when a game is stopped
- Hotkeys to open the various windows
- Detect if mod is official
- Generate an official mod
- Inform user when they start an unofficial mod
- Add launch nuke button animation
- Ballistic missiles submarines, missiles are not splitted when submarines are splitted
- Main bar do not show real time in mutiplayer after it changed
- Counter-attack may cause battle results to be wierd
- Military units get their *** whooped
- Merge units of same type
- Relations goes up very quickly
- Quick treaty : Add 3 more treaty
- Have # of days to research nuclear
- Added client advisor messages not to propose dangerous trades
- Battle summary in a mail when not looking at battle
- Block Strategic Warfare" toggle to the Host Multiplayer Game

Patch v1.2b Notes:


  • Fixed: Billions of units appearing in combat.
  • Fixed: Corruption of save games after a complete annexation.
  • Fixed: Crash in the split unit window.
  • Fixed: Crash when sponsoring a military trespassing right.

Patch v1.2 Notes:


  • Fixed: Thematic maps: Empire country, political control, human control are processed faster
  • Thematic maps: Clicking the thematic map legend item crash fix.
  • Fixed: Potential crash when a country is conquered but other country try to use it to build units or vice versa
  • Fixed: Can't bombard Antartica
  • Fixed: Memory leaks reported by BoundsChecker
  • Fixed: Possible crash in strategic warfare on water
  • Fixed: Bug in client disconnection
  • Fixed: Added a check in the sell unit to be sure the unit exist
  • Fixed: Attacking units can't be disbanded
  • Fixed: Locking the buttons on the client side in the unit list
  • Fixed: Unit Research : can now save when any country is selected
  • Fixed: Unit Research : can changes the tab and the data follows when dirty
  • Fixed: Unit Research : The budget value displaying in the meters is not always correct
  • Fixed: No more deployment on hostile regions
  • Fixed: 3 Crashes with modal window in covert ops with train cell, new cell and new mission
  • Fixed: Crash with modal window in treaty details with add remove window
  • Fixed: Crash with modal window in resource with increase production window
  • Fixed: Can now save when any country is selected
  • Fixed: Unit deployment freeze
  • Fixed: Scenario window not displaying objectives sometimes
  • Fixed: Deleting temporary files
  • Fixed: Admin player will be replaced if old admin drops out.
  • Fixed: Crash on exit (sometimes)
  • Fixed: Unit market window (buy used units) random crash.
  • Fixed: Unit movement, added a check in the unit mover to not dereference a null pointer
  • Fixed: Annexed countries wont be in treaties anymore
  • Fixed: Made sure video_config works on win98
  • Fixed: Wrong country name being displayed as a tooltip over the right flag in the battle overview window
  • Fixed: Covert action cells cannot be in an inexisting country anymore
  • Fixed: Player cannot be changed in the game lobby
  • Fixed: When buying all the units in the last category, used units window would become unusable
  • Fixed: Fixed a deployment crash
  • Fixed: GeForce MX video cards transparency fix
  • Fixed: Technology for units (requirements) are now in sync between the windows
  • Fixed: Annexed country wont appear in treaties filter window anymore
  • Fixed: Added validation upon sdk and mod id
  • Fixed: Save/Load of multiplayer games now working properly (with and without passwords)
  • Fixed: When you join a server, choose a political party, then quit, and join again, if you choose a country it'll not change the political party in power
  • Fixed: Cleanup of graphical objects crash at shutdown
  • Fixed: Setting properly the total nuclear missiles value
  • Fixed: Unit list refresh when building units


  • Tweaked: Relation bonus when signing assume foreign debt
  • Tweaked: Request war declaration AI changed a bit, to leave some margin when a nation ask one of its friends
  • Tweaked: Synchronizing countries when a region control is changed
  • Tweaked: Countries with only one democratic party will still be able to get out of anarchy
  • Tweaked: You do not need a stability expected of over 20 % to get out of anarchy
  • Tweaked: Only sending treaties news now when the treaty becomes active =>Added a member to the treaty class, the creator country. Only used when creating country, and since we don't have the creators for the originals, we don't load them from the Database.
  • Tweaked: Added the number of days in the AMDS popup
  • Tweaked: Behavior of the meters in the research window.
  • Tweaked: Thematic maps: Optimized empire map
  • Tweaked: Unit production window will be updated when a new design is created (no need to close everything, reopen etc.)
  • Tweaked: Nuclear siren sound, not playing multiple times if multiple nukes are launched at once.
  • Tweaked: Naval and Ground strategies are now separated in combats.
  • Tweaked: Scenario selection window
  • Tweaked: War news are now less frequent (to avoid flooding the server)
  • Tweaked: Covert actions are less frequent (more realist)
  • Tweaked: Counter attack implemented on the combat, will give a more realist combat simulation especially at high server speeds
  • Tweaked: Optimized region color assigment
  • Tweaked: Start game now done by admin player instead of waiting for all players to be ready.
  • Tweaked: Unit production window visual tweaks
  • Tweaked: Mouse wheel now working properly in windows
  • Tweaked: Country name added when asked to attack a neutral country
  • Tweaked: Messages are displayed upon disconnection
  • Tweaked: AI will launch missiles when it is attacked and in a bad situation


  • Feature: Delete all mail button added
  • Feature: Kick console command on the server
  • Feature: Autosave feature added.


  • Fixed window minimization to Taskbar after launching a new game
  • Fixed a crash when pressing stop game button
  • Fixed a crash when a country is conquered
  • Fixed save/load crash when a country is invalidated
  • Fixed a crash when zooming on Fiji
  • Fixed listbox selection
  • Fixed ability to create new designs for mobile launchers
  • Fixed tooltip in system bar when clicking on F1 button
  • Fixed Music Resource file
  • Fixed quantity in the Used Unit Market window


  • Last selection for unit type will be remembered in Used Unit window
  • Decrease in lag during multiple events
  • AI for invalid countries can no longer perform military actions
  • Country ID is now saved even for non-active (dead) players
  • History graph markers are now available
  • Treaties modal window crash fixed
  • Highlight added in War list
  • Thematic legend now shows 10 countries instead of 9
  • Kick button added in the lobby
  • Optimization of the unit deployment window
  • Advisor warning for nuclear research added

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