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Codemasters Releases Commodore 64 Classic

by Judy on Dec. 16, 2004 @ 3:06 a.m. PST

Put yourself in a spin with Codemasters' Christmas gift – an egg-shell-hen-t bit of retro fun: the complete Commodore 64 edition of Treasure Island Dizzy from way back in 1988!
You can grab the original C64 edition of Treasure Island Dizzy, the second game in the eggs-on-legs series, right now from in Demos [runs in a self-contained emulator for PC].

If you can cope with the 8-bit eggcitement, plunge into the world of the somersaulting eponymous hero, as he finds himself gently poaching on the silent, sun-kissed beach of a seemingly deserted island...

Can you help him find a way back to his chums, the Yolkfolk, and lodge his compensation claim with the travel agent? And, for the Dizzy experts, there are 30 very will hidden gold coins to collect.

Have yourself a very Dizzy Christmas (because eggs aren't just for Easter), with Treasure Island Dizzy – the original – now available gift-wrapped (in a ZIP file) from

Control Keys

Left Z
Right X
Jump Up Cursor
Action ENTER

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