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'Feel the Magic XY/XX' (NDS) Coming To Europe As 'Project Rub'

by Judy on Dec. 17, 2004 @ 3:59 a.m. PST

SEGA Europe today announced the release of its landmark, highly–stylised launch title for the Nintendo DS, Project Rub. With touch and blow games, Project Rub, developed by SONIC TEAM, utilises all that the Nintendo DS has to offer and is the perfect way to show off all the quirky elements that make it so exceptional.

Known as Kimi no Tame Nara Shineru in Japan (Feel the MagicTM XY/XX in the US), Project Rub makes full use of the unique control system of the Nintendo DS, a characteristic rarely seen in a launch title for any platform. Merging cutting-edge artistic style through the use of silhouette images with gameplay to die for, Project Rub should win you over in a heartbeat.

"Nintendo's ability to weave magic into their infinitely playable and enduring gaming properties has been successfully married with SEGA's ability to consistently pioneer stylish and unique games in Project Rub. An enticing proposition and a title that is a truly unique treat for the first wave of Nintendo DS owners. Project Rub pushes and utilises all that this ground-breaking new handheld has to offer," commented Mike Hayes, Managing Director of SEGA Europe Ltd.

Project RubTM requires the player to switch between control methods, using the touch-sensitive second screen and microphone - switching between the Nintendo DS stylus, screaming, and even blowing to control the actions of the character. Players will also use the stylus to prod goldfish from a man's stomach, or rigorously rub the screen to save the mysterious 'Rub Rabbits' from disappearing beneath some quicksand.

Players find themselves in the shoes of a young man smitten at first sight with a jaw-dropping babe. Too shy to simply ask her out, our hero recruits the services of the Rub Rabbits, to help to win her affection.

Like nothing you've ever played before, every new control method of the Nintendo DS is required. Through the touch screen players will save the girl from rampaging bulls, a swarm of evil bees and even divert a yacht on a collision course.

Project Rub is scheduled to launch on the same day as the Nintendo DS in Q1 2005.

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