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Kumawar Launches 'Fallujah: Operation al-Fajr' Mission - Screens

by Judy on Dec. 2, 2004 @ 11:19 a.m. PST

Kuma Reality Games, the company that blends news coverage with game technology to allow players to experience interactive re-creations of real military events, has released its latest timely KumaWar mission from the military hotspot of Fallujah -- “Fallujah: Operation al-Fajr.”

Taking place just 3 weeks ago in November 2004 in the final push by US forces to regain control of the insurgents’ stronghold, “Fallujah: Operation al-Fajr” re-creates the largest single military action since the fall of Saddam’s regime. Players join U.S. Marines and Army soldiers in their joint operation to capture the Jolan district in Fallujah. Players will experience firsthand the intense mission of pacifying a city swarming with Sunni insurgents willing to fight to the death.

For the making of “Fallujah: Operation al-Fajr,” KumaWar used detailed satellite imagery of Jolan and the train station just outside the area. Players go from fighting snipers in the distance to close quarter combat to a shootout in open terrain while protecting civilians from collateral fire and explosions. This highlights the split-second decisions soldiers must face on a daily basis and how terrain and environment dictate combat tactics.

Also featured in the Kuma’s News Report segment of “Fallujah: Operation al-Fajr” is a discussion with Major General Thomas L. Wilkerson, USMC (ret) on the strategy behind the fight for control of Fallujah and the importance of securing the city as a stronghold.

In the coming weeks, subscribers will receive missions that re-create current combat in Fallujah and elsewhere in Iraq. Many of these new missions are being developed in cooperation with the U.S. military and soldiers returning from Operation Iraqi Freedom.

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