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Xpand Rally

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Racing
Developer: Techland

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'Xpand Rally' - Editing Tools Available NOW

by Judy on Dec. 2, 2004 @ 10:50 p.m. PST

Get the Xpand Rally car importer tool off WP (30mb)

This file contains:

  • Custom Cars Wizard - a tool for importing custom cars and allowing customization of cars parameters
  • Game 3D mesh exporting plugin that allows the use of custom objects (including cars) created in 3D Studio Max in the game
  • 3D Studio Max script that processes the car's mesh and prepares it for the use in the game
  • sample car mesh - 3D Studio Max source file and XR custom car ready files

The Xpand Rally lead car designer Jan "Janusz" Borkowski said: "I am sure that with those tools importing of custom cars will be much easier for all Xpand Rally moders. Soon we will publish a complete tutorial showing all steps of car modeling: from the very beginning to the final in game placement. Thanks to that even a rookie modeler will be able to create his own Xpand Rally based racing game."

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