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'Nintendo DS' Keeps Selling Strong

by Judy on Dec. 21, 2004 @ 5:26 a.m. PST

The all new Nintendo DS is proving a huge hit in both the US and Japan, with retail sales in N. America alone having reached 1 million to date. In Japan, demand for the console is also huge and sell in has already hit 1 million units. All this within just weeks of launch! To meet the insatiable demand, Nintendo has increased total shipment figures to the US and Japan and now they will exceed 2.8 million by the end of 2004.

By Thanksgiving weekend in North America, more than 500,000 units had sold through in just one week following the US launch. This led to stocks running out in retail outlets across the country as more than 90% of the units shipped were sold. In Japan, sales of Nintendo DS exceeded half a million systems in just four days after launch.

Jim Merrick, Senior Director European Marketing comments: 'The launch of Nintendo DS in the US and Japan has been hugely successful, with it having become a must have console, and we are looking forward to another successful launch in Europe. Our mission is to create a new way of gaming, offering an innovative and enjoyable experience and with the new Nintendo DS we have accomplished this. The touch screen, for example, really empowers the player, letting them reach into the game for more direct, faster control.'

The Nintendo DS is the new touch screen, dual-screened handheld video game system that redefines how people play videogames. In addition to the touch screen, the system includes both voice input and multiplayer wireless communication. The sleek silver and black system will be a welcome addition to any game collection.

The Nintendo DS will launch in Europe in Q1 2005 and will have no shortage of top class games available. In addition to a collection of great 1st party games for the console, more than 100 developers are currently working on games for Nintendo DS including Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Activision and SEGA. Electronic Arts, the world's largest independent software developer and publisher, have created a number of games especially for Nintendo DS including The Urbz: Sims in the City, Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf, Madden NFL 2005, Need for Speed Underground and GoldenEye: Rogue Agent.

Gerhard Florin, Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Electronic Arts Europe comments: 'EA recognises the growing consumer appetite for gaming outside the home, and the Nintendo DS will be a great choice for gamers who want a new handheld experience. Our games have been custom designed to make use of the new console's unique features, such as the touch screen. This was a natural step for EA to take in collaboration with Nintendo and we're delighted to be a major launch partner when the console comes to Europe next year.'

In recognition of its technological achievements the Nintendo DS has also received Edge magazine's hardware of the year award, showing that the Nintendo DS has already delivered on its ambitious promise to bring a new gaming experience to gamers.

The Nintendo DS launched in North America on 21st November and in Japan on 2nd December. Nintendo DS will be launching across Europe in Q1 2005 – more details will follow in early 2005!

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