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'Dynasty Warriors' (PSP) - Screens

by Judy on Dec. 23, 2004 @ 7:46 a.m. PST

For the first time on any handheld game system, players will experience the thrill of fighting single handed against legions of powerful enemy soldiers in historic battles that shaped the Chinese empire. Read more for a spiffy screens!

Based on Luo Guanzhong's historical novel, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, the Dynasty Warriors series of Tactical Action games takes players back in time when chaos ruled Ancient China. In the game players are equipped with powerful weapons and their strategic wits. They must fight their way through grand battlefields populated with hordes of enemy warriors.

With its addictive gameplay, the Dynasty Warriors series has generated nearly 7 million units in sales worldwide since being released on the PlayStation in 1997.


  • New! Battlefield Area System creates new strategic gameplay and allows for shorter periods of play, ideal for the mobile environment
  • New! "Second in Command" Officer system gives bodyguards special skills that you control.
  • New! With hundreds of "second in command" officers to discover, you can collect and select which officers you take into battle
  • New! Exchange "Second in Command" officers using the Memory Stick Duo
  • Play as 42 Dynasty Warriors from all of the Three Kingdoms and Unaligned forces
  • Includes Musou mode and Free mode!
  • Uncover seven stories from China's turbulent past!
  • Mount stampeding elephants and swift horses, then ride into battle!
  • A single player game.

New! Battlefield Area System
With previous console-based Dynasty Warriors games, the player was free to roam about one vast battlefield. One stage could take more than 30 minutes to complete. Stages this long would not be convenient for a mobile gaming environment. So in the PSP version of Dynasty Warriors, each stage is divided into a network of smaller "battlefield areas" (BA), with each area holding a different degree of strategic importance.

These areas influence each other and change according to the battle situation. If the player wins in one area, the victory may create a positive influence in other areas (i.e. increased morale). Or if an allied army retreats, this may decrease allied morale. As a result, the player must be aware of the status of each BA, decide an appropriate battle policy and lead his army to victory.

In previous Dynasty Warriors games, the purpose of a bodyguard was to provide direct support for the player. Dynasty Warriors for PSP is endowing this bodyguard with extra abilities.

These officers will fight with the player as bodyguards but possess special skills such as the ability to heal or raise morale.

You will start the game with the option to have 4 standard "second in commands" assisting you, but as you win battles more superior bodyguards come available to you.

This new system will also add replay value. Dynasty Warriors for PSP will include rare "second in command" officers that can be acquired only by meeting specific conditions. Furthermore, players can exchange collected "second in command" officers via Memory Sticks.

Modes of Play
There are 2 single-player only game modes: Musou mode and Free Mode.
In Musou mode, select a character and battle through 5 stages. In Free mode, select a scenario and enjoy the battle.

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