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Battles In Normandy

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Matrix Games
Developer: Strategic Studies Group

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'Battles In Normandy' - v1.01 Update Patch Available NOW

by Judy on Dec. 8, 2004 @ 1:24 a.m. PST

Battles In Normandy brings wargamers back to the western front with historical scenarios including two monster campaigns, and eight smaller historical scenarios. A full scenario editor is included and additional free scenarios are available online.

Get the Battles In Normandy v1.01 patch off WP (2mb)

1. Important Notes

The version 1.01 patch is not compatible with existing v1.00 email games. Please finish all games in progress before applying the v1.01 patch.

The version 1.01 patch is not compatible with existing v1.00 single player games. You can force the system to load such games, but this is not recommended.

2. Fixes

The Battles In Normandy v1.01 fixes the following issues

  • Increased email textbox size to accomodate longer email addresses.
  • Fixed music bug where the first track was the only one ever played.
  • Fixed tutorial map bug where the mud map was never shown.
  • Fixed rollover help text bug in tutorial which showed "transport button" where the dispersed mode should be
  • Fixed rollover help for supply units in battlefield popup.
  • Fixed delete button in the email screen.
  • Fixed carpet bombing sound played whether sound was enabled or not.
  • Fixed AI vs AI screen corruption bug.
  • Fixed char buffer overrun if path for email file is too long.
  • Various OB fixes.
  • Fixed AI getting 2 replacement steps in a turn bug.
  • Fixed TAO scenario screen incorrectly reporting a 32 turn game.
  • Fixed Vire alert points scenario problem.
  • Fixed missing replay when returning to secure PBEM turn.
  • Fixed occasional undo bug (where landed troops became unlanded or movement was undone on supply units).
  • End screen now gives appropriate message if you lose.
  • Made various town name corrections.
  • Fixed issue of the load email button not being drawn after going to the tutorial screen.

3. Updates/Enhancements

  • Changed the system to allow four levels of AI opponents. The lowest level, Computer, has no enhancements, Computer +, Computer ++ and Computer Max give progressively greater enhancements to AI players.
  • Added a Recommended setting for AI opponents. A scenario designer can now designate the recommended AI level for each side. There is no obligation to use this setting.
  • Changed the format of reporting of KIAs on the Operational Map screen.
  • Made various improvements to the secure Play By Email system.

The following hotkeys have been added

  • F1 Undo last action
  • F2 Entrench currently selected stack
  • F3 Extend movement of selected stack
  • F4 Drop detachment from selected stack
  • F5 Display AA zone. Cyan hex = active AA unit. Orange - Town AA range. Yellow - Unit AA unit range.
  • F6 Display attack and shock values. Total attack strength of all attack capable units in hex. Gold arrow - Elite unit in stack. Red Arrow - No Elite unit in stack.
  • F7 Display defense, shock and entrench values. Green hex with dark blue defence bar - all possible units entrenched. Yellow hex with cyan depressed defence bar - some entrenched and some possible entrenchments. Red hex with cyan raised defence bar - no entrenchments but some possible entrenchments. Gray hex with gray defence bar - no units can entrench.
  • F8 Display vulnerability. Gray combat marker - no overrun possible. Green combat marker - overrun possible. Orange marker - no combat units in hex therefore vulnerable.
  • F9 Display total Objective VPs gained or available this turn. Orange if normal. Cyan if Axis alert points given. Yellow if Allied alert points given.
  • F10 Shows railways and rail bridges. Yellow - friendly control. Red - enemy control.
  • F11 Shows roads and road bridges. Blue - Major Road. Brown - Minor Road. Yellow - friendly control. Red - enemy control.
  • F12 Show all bridges. Yellow - friendly control. Red - enemy control.

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