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Novalogic Launches 'Joint Ops' STAT Tracking System

by Judy on Dec. 8, 2004 @ 3:43 p.m. PST

The coming weeks will see the wheat separated from the chaff, the big dogs from the puppies and the Rulerz from the N00bs with the imminent launch of the Joint Ops STAT tracking system for both Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising and Joint Ops: Escalation.

Upon public release, the STATS tracking system will go into a trial phase for a few weeks during which time NovaLogic will monitor the servers and tracking system for full functionality and accuracy. Once the trial phase is completed the STATS tracking system will be re-set and permanent STAT tracking will be enabled.

The NovaLogic Joint Ops STAT tracking system allows anyone playing in an official NovaWorld STAT Server to have all their key statistics monitored and recorded. Players wanting to know their total # kills, head shots, knife kills etc. will be able to keep track of their progress on

To coincide with STAT tracking, NovaLogic will also be awarding medals to players as they gain experience playing the game. These medals will reflect the experience level of each player in certain categories e.g. time played, # of kills, # of medic saves, etc.

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