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'The Elemental' - Final Mod Available NOW

by Judy on Dec. 8, 2004 @ 5:02 p.m. PST

The Elemental is a total conversion of Gas Powered Games Dungeon Siege. Elemental is set in an alternate mythical version of ancient Judea that is gritty, mean, and profane. This final release adds two new player character races, Mantis and Human Female, as well as a host of other fixes and improvements too numerous to mention. After two and a half years of development, the team is calling it quits, so enjoy this final product.

Get the Elemental Final off WP (479mb)

This 479 meg release adds two new player character races, Mantis and Human Female, as well as a host of other fixes and improvements too numerous to mention.

But after two years and seven months, the time has come to say goodbye to DS and Elemental. It's been a tremendous experience for us here. During our development, nine members of our team found game industry jobs, we logged over 300,000 downloads, appeared in three books, over 20 magazines, garnered publisher interest, and even won a PC Gamer Mod of the Month.

We'd like to thank our families for enduring the crunch with (mainly) good humor, ex and current members of GPG for being supportive throughout our interminable development cycle, various Eastern European nations for providing us with talent, and all the fans who wrote in and gave us the energy to go on.

Features in the final release will include:

Game content inspired by the actual art and history from the period of the game, with references including movies such as Gladiator, Spartacus and Masada
A complete singleplayer campaign as well as a strong online component using the "SecureChar" server system to allow for hack-free multiplayer games on Elemental's servers
Huge 3D environments: towns and cities, mountainous deserts and bluffs, terrifying ruins, ancient catacombs and wells, towering sky-fortresses and immense cloud-vistas, all inhabited by more than 40 new monster models and over 200 varieties of all-new monsters and creatures brought to life by the stunning Dungeon Siege engine
Over 200 new weapon and armor types, each available in regular, rare, unique, set and, in the case of the mantis, user-generated forms, and having properties from a list of almost 700 different prefixes and suffixes, with requirements ranged from level to strength/vitality minimums
Three unique racial types, each with distinct attributes and abilities. The human, with tremendous domination and persuasive techniques. The mantis, most devastating melee combatant found anywhere. The half-tiger, blending power and speed with the spirit of sacrifice.
Each character can choose to learn skills from any of the 7 skill trees (Ranged, Melee, Air, Time, Fire, Water, Earth), as well as from their unique Racial tree, allowing for endless character combinations. There are 100 different techniques available in total. Characters will be able to further specialize by making a Covenant with one of the 5 Elements after passing an Elemental Trial; such a Covenant grants them double the skill points when they level in the Covenanted Element, as well as unlocks the most powerful skills in that Technique Tree.
Four attributes (strength, vitality, dexterity, and intelligence)
Dual-wielding (certain larger weapons require both hands to wield, however)
Mantis can wear tattoos which augment their already potent abilities (up to 3 may be worn)
An entirely new GUI, hotkey system, and quickslots bound to the left and right mouse buttons get you closer to the action
An advanced experience/leveling system, various transportation options, day/night cycles, as well as a rich soundtrack will also be part of Elemental

Additional support is available at

Elemental requires the full version of Dungeon Siege to play.

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