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'Sentinel Descendants in Time' - Screens

by Judy on Dec. 9, 2004 @ 7:46 a.m. PST

Sentinel Descendants in Time is a puzzle-oriented, first-person, 3D adventure game based on the work of award-winning science fiction writer Terry Dowling. It rewards the player for logical , careful thought rather than quick reflexes. No action elements. No timed puzzles. No tricky jump sequences. Just slow, steady exploration of the beautiful worlds of Tastan civilization (thanks Petr).

As Beni, players enter the Caverns on a dangerous quest for riches. Along his strange journey, Beni encounters a sentinel charged with guarding the tombs. This sentinel, a holograph programmed with advanced A.I., awakens only when the tombs are disturbed. She appears to Beni throughout his quest, sometimes with a benign purpose, but other times with calculated intentions. Beni will soon realize that the sentinel is much more than she appears to be. Her dark purpose threatens his very existence.

Players will explore eight brilliantly inspired and diverse 3D real-time worlds drenched in rich colour. This next generation fantasy themed adventure is based on the 3D Jupiter engine; the same engine as critically acclaimed No One Lives Forever 2. SENTINEL offers a non-linear style of gameplay using mouse and keyboard, and offers more than 20 challenging puzzles of varied difficulty.

Game features

  • Written by award-winning Australian science-fiction writer Terry Dowling based on his short story "The Ichneumon and the Dormeuse".
  • Design and development by developers of the best-selling adventure games: Mysterious Journey and Mysterious Journey II
  • Over 20 puzzles of varying difficulty
  • 8 brilliant, diverse worlds
  • Built-in hint system
  • Non-linear game play
  • Beautifully created, colorful and rich 3D environments - from snow-capped mountains to a land of hot active volcanoes
  • Simple, easy to learn interface
  • Intuitive, mouse-based controls (with additional keyboard control for advanced players)
  • Built with Touchdown Entertainment's Jupiter 3D engine

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