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Beyond Normandy - Assignment: Berlin

Platform(s): Arcade, Game Boy Advance, GameCube, Nintendo DS, PC, PSOne, PSP, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox, Xbox 360
Genre: Action

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'Beyond Normandy - Assignment: Berlin' - Demo Available NOW

by Rainier on Feb. 15, 2004 @ 2:36 p.m. PST

Get the Beyond Normandy: Assignment Berlin Demo off WP (220mb)

Your mission should have been easy. Parachute into the outskirts of Berlin, proceed to the Reichskanzlei, and assassinate Obersturmf├╝hrer Hartmann.

Unfortunately, your aircraft was suddenly under heavy AA fire, forcing you to abandon it prematurely. Strong high-altitude winds carry you east of Berlin.
That means you're stuck in the middle of the German/Russian frontline, and still have a mission to complete!


Pentium III 600MHz. or 100% compatible processor
Windows 98/ME/XP
600MB HD Space
32MB 3D Accelerator with DirectX 8.1 compliant video drivers
DirectX 8.1 compatible sound card
4X CD-ROM Drive

Recommended :
Pentium III 1000MHz. or 100% compatible processor
64MB 3D Accelerator with DirectX 8.1 compliant video drivers


Insert the Beyond Normandy - Assignment Berlin CD into your CD-ROM drive. The installation process should begin automatically.

If Autorun is not enabled you must install the game manually. Click Start and Run.

Next type D:setup.exe where “D” is the letter of your CD-ROM drive. Click on OK to begin the installation process. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation. You may need to restart your computer before you begin playing.


To get started double click the Beyond Normandy - Assignment Berlin shortcut on your desktop or select Start, Programs, ValuSoft, Beyond Normandy - Assignment Berlin, and the Beyond Normandy - Assignment Berlin shortcut.

When running the game for the first time, you should choose appropriate quality settings from the options menu. This is to ensure you will have the best possible gaming experience. You can change this setting at any time from the Options menu (see Options section in this manual for more information).


The Main Menu offers five selections: New Game, Load Game, Options, Credits and Exit. A full description of each menu item is detailed in this manual. Exit
will immediately exit the game.


Clicking on the Options button on the main menu brings you to the Options menu. Here you can select either Sound, Screen Resolution, Display Quality or
Configure Controls.


This is where you can select your audio options. Drag the slider with the mouse to adjust the settings that you prefer. One controls the volume of the sound effects, the other sets the music volume.


This selection displays the pixel resolution. Higher resolutions achieve better picture quality, but may lower performance. If the game runs slow, try to reduce the resolution in this menu.


The settings within the Display Quality menu are very important to the game's performance. Graphics detail depends heavily on your processor speed and the
power, memory, and functions supported by your video card. The higher the detail, the more processing is required. On slower computers high detail may
cause the game to slow down or run poorly. We have provided options that can significantly affect the playability of the game over a wide range of systems.

-LOW- Low Detail, best suited for computers that meet the minimum system specifications. Less texture details, less game objects and shorter drawing
range, fewer special FX.
-MEDIUM- This option is suitable for most PCs. Special FX are enabled, but you don't have full texture resolution and a somewhat reduced field of view.
-HIGH- All options are turned on and high detail is enabled. Intended for fast systems with a good and recent 3D accelerator card.

d) Configure Controls

- Configure Mouse:
This allows you to invert the mouse directional controls.

- Configure Keyboard:
This allows you to customize the keyboard layout. Select the action you would like to modify, then toggle the desired key by pressing the key that should activate that function. Pressing the same key again removes the key from the action. Most actions can be triggered by two different keys.


In order to save your progress in the game, you can save the game&'s state. During your missions, you can press ESC to exit to the menu. Select SAVE GAME
to store your mission in one of the 8 available slots.

Alternatively, there is a QUICK SAVE option available as well. During the game, at any time, press F7 to QUICK SAVE. You can press F8 at any time in the game to load the last state you saved when you pressed QUICK SAVE. Only one QUICK SAVE slot is available.

Lastly, the game also has an AUTOSAVE option in case you forget to save. At the start of each level, and at certain critical points during a mission, the game
will automatically be saved, overwriting the last game saved by the AUTOSAVE function. We still advise you to save early, and to save often. It will help
you get past tricky sections in the game.


You control the soldier with the mouse and the keyboard. Use the mouse to look/aim into the desired direction, and use the keyboard to control your movements. Holding the shift key allows you to run.


Your first mission is to land safely on the ground. Once you are out of the airplane, an arrow will indicate the direction you need to take. Use the movement keys to fly into the direction of the arrow, the arrow should remain green and point towards the ground for you to land safely. If it turns red, it means you need to fly more into the direction it is pointing to. If it stays red for too long, you're gonna miss your target.

Ground Missions:

On your way back into Berlin you are alone in enemy territory. This means that it isn't always the most advisable course of action to waltz in guns blazing. Scout the territory before you move forward, and try to get around enemies if they are too many. Don't forget your mission objective!

During you missions, a compass will show you where you are heading. A green arrow mounted on the compass will also show you a rough direction to your next
mission target. If you are in the target area, the arrow will dissapear. However, the arrow will not show you the exact route to your target, only the general direction. So be prepared to backtrack every once in a while.

When using grenades, you can control the throwing distance by holding down the mousebutton for a longer time before you release it. The longer you hold the
button, the further you throw the grenade.

Driving Mission:

Use the directional controls to drive the car. Make sure you eliminate any enemies as soon as they pop into sight, and watch out for any tank barriers.


These are your fallback weapons. If you're out of ammo for the big guns, try these.

Your standard weapons. Reliable, and with a long range. A special weapon is the German “Gewehr 43”, which is used by snipers. Press the right mouse
button to toggle the sniper mode, and use the mouse wheel or the Page Up / Page Down keys to zoom in and out.

These sturdy weapons are your all-purpose weapons for short ranges.

Heavy Machineguns:
Heavy firepower and a long range. Excellent in the battlefield.

Hand Grenades:
Use these to throw around the corners or over fences to eliminate hidden enemies. The longer you hold the mouse button, the further the grenade will go.

Eliminate enemy tanks and particularly resilient opponents with this weapon.


Following is a description of the available actions and the default assignments for them.


E / Cursor up Forward
D / Cursor Down Back
S / Cursor Left Left
F/ Cursor Right Right
Hold Shift Run
Aim Movement
Fire Left Mousebutton
R Reload
1-5 Toggle Weapons Mouse Wheel
Toggle Sniper Mode Right Mousebutton
Page Up / Zoom in / out Mouse Wheel
Page Down Sniper Mode
ESC Menu
F8 Quick Load
F7 Quick Save



I get a message that says the game can't find a certain file or the game won't run.

When you install Beyond Normandy - Assignment Berlin there are files that must be installed or the game will not run correctly. If you were asked to overwrite
any files during the installation process and did not, reinstall Beyond Normandy - Assignment Berlin and allow the installation to overwrite the files. Restart your computer and run the game.

The game runs slowly on my computer.

Click on the Options and Display Quality buttons from the Main Menu. Turn the Quality settings down (see Options-Display Quality) until you find an adequate
setting for your game tastes. A decent 3D accelerated video card is strongly recommended and will greatly improve the performance of all your games. Alternatively select Options -> Screen Resolution to select a lower resolution.

What is a 3D video accelerator card?

It is a hardware component that will greatly increase the speed that your computer can deal with displaying graphics. They are easy to install and can be
found at most computer stores.

The colors look wrong or the textures are off on my screen.

Close down the game and try again. You should also make sure you have the latest video drivers for your video card. See the DirectX help section.

The monitor displays an "Out of frequency range" message, or a similar message.

DirectX doesn't know the maximum frequency settings of your monitor and thus tries to set a refresh rate that is to high for the monitor. Install the monitor driver from the manufacturers CD-ROM that came with the monitor, or download it from the website of your manufacturer.


The most common and prevalent errors are related to video and sound card drivers.

Beyond Normandy - Assignment Berlin installs and requires DirectX 8.1. If your drivers are not certified, please download or obtain the latest drivers from your card manufacturers. This is the number one problem people have with DirectX games. After you have updated your drivers, you must reinstall DirectX from the Beyond Normandy - Assignment Berlin CD. You can obtain the latest drivers free from your card of computer manufacturers' web sites.

For diagnosing tools, open Windows Explorer and go to the C:Program FilesDirectXSetup directory. Run the program named Dxdiag.exe. This will give you detailed information for all your drivers and other directx components. This will also help tech support if you should need to call them. If you see a DDRAW error, please try to obtain the latest drivers for your video card.

In general, if you have troubles running thegame, try to install the most recent graphics driver. If you don't have troubles, never change a winning team.

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