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Platform(s): PC
Genre: Racing
Publisher: Noviy Disk

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'Lagsters' - Screens

by Rainier on Feb. 2, 2004 @ 9:07 a.m. PST

The routes combine into 4 different Championships and thus provide about 36 absolutely unique maps. In the network game one can choose from several game modes, which makes it a totally different game with totally different rules and game play. The multi-player mode does not allow for an update of the vehicles, which will have a predetermined set depending on the type of the game. Among these the following should be noted:

  • Survival race (Last Man Driving)
  • Fox and hounds
  • Two-team race (Divided Glory)

The concept of the race inside of the pipes displaces some aspects of a “flat-road” race, in particular those of the spatialization and gravitation. Spatialization sustains pivotal change: left and right in terms of the pipe plane eventually acquire a sort of a new meaning, not evident at the first sight though, and gravitation based on “repelling” objects out of the center of the pipe will be constantly dragging the car onto the pipe surface. The tracks are annular in their shape and they will have different length and number of tours in a bout. Every track has various hurdles and various accelerating and decelerating surfaces, etc. There are also sparse bonuses on the track, which can either help or hopple the player.

However, the race itself is not the basic principle of the game. The weapons play a significant role in it – it can help either to hang up those who run you down, or conversely, get the slipping away favorite of the race. Each track (in single-player mode) offers several opportunities, and one doesn’t have to strive to win the race – he or she is paid not only for the victory: he has various tasks to do on the track. Besides, the track order is non-linear: each player participates in the race he has enough credits to pay an entrance fee to.
Vehicles in Tunneling are not just unvaried cars, this is a special part of the game taking place in the Garage, where you can update your car, take up the adjuncts, wheels and weapons, emplace new ones and update them as well. Between the races the player will be able to modify its car using the winning.

Besides the engine and the weaponry, there are subsystems that can be also updated: the shield, the on-board computer and the booster. The set of the car is preset, but during the game the player can make whatever he wants it to be, varying the assembly within the confines of its carrying capacity – either a military car, or a race car, or an in-between, all-purpose car. It all depends just on the amounts of money he or she has got and on his or her fancies.

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