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'Midas' And 'Kuju' Announce Publishing Deal

by Rainier on Feb. 24, 2004 @ 1:48 a.m. PST

Fresh from a hugely successful Q4 of 2003, including the appearance of four titles in the top 20 budget PlayStation 2 chart in December alone, Midas Interactive are delighted to announce a publishing deal with Kuju Entertainment that will ensure that even better results are achieved in 2004. The first two games set for release by Midas Interactive under the Glass Ghost label are "GTR-400" and "Bikes 'n' Sides". Both will be released on PlayStation 2 in mid-2004. Read more for details...

The deal represents a real meeting of business minds. Midas Interactive are committed to continually evolving and improving their market leading range of super-budget PlayStation 2 titles so as to make sure that their offer is always fresh and meets the demands of an ever more discerning public.

Kuju Entertainment, for their part, are one of Europe's leading independent developers with an outstanding track record of delivering top rated video game products. This tie-in with Midas Interactive gives Kuju Entertainment access to exciting new markets and will add to existing revenue streams.

Such is Kuju Entertainments commitment to this new venture that they have decided to develop all budget priced releases under their historic Glass Ghost label.

Ian Baverstock, Business Development Director of Kuju Entertainment commented, "Glass Ghost will concentrate on creating vibrant and exciting games. They will be amongst the highest quality budget priced new releases in the market. Naturally we wanted to work with the best possible publisher for these titles and are delighted to have signed this deal with Midas Interactive who have shown themselves to be both innovative and extremely successful."

Stephen Morgan, Development and Product Acquisitions Manager at Midas Interactive, added, "I could not think of a better partner to do business with. Kuju Entertainment have a unique blend of development skills and creativity and these titles will truly stand out from the crowded PlayStation 2 budget market."

"GTR-400" is a performance car heaven packed full of both production and GT models from leading manufacturers Mosler and Ascari including the MT900 and KZ1.

"Bikes 'n' Sides" brings together a unique mix of Superbikes and Super Sidecars. The quality of the game has already allowed Midas Interactive to secure endorsements from many of the leading Superbike and Super Sidecar teams to add extra realism to the gaming experience.

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