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Midas Reveals Budget Lineup (PS2) - Screens

by Rainier on Feb. 24, 2004 @ 3:12 a.m. PST

Dutch budget publisher Midas Interactive has released some more info on its upcoming titles for March. In their lineup are :
  • The Sniper 2
  • Detonator
  • MaXXed Out Racing
  • League Series Baseball 2

  • Read more for details and screens for each title...

The Sniper 2

Format: PlayStation®2
RRP: £14.99
Barcode: 5036675003454
Release date: 5th March 2004

"Hi, Harry Spencer is the name and I'm a Sniper. If you want someone removed just let me know. I will tell you what the price is".

You're in position, holding the ultimate hit-man rifle. Looking down the scope you spot your next victim, with your heart pumping violently you know this is your one and only chance to take them out. You steady your breathing, take aim and fire!!

Product Features:

  • An immersive, atmospheric storyline puts the player right in the heart of the action. In Sniper 2 you really do feel like a marksman.
  • Shot accuracy affects the grade given. And with a good performance you'll open new stages and receive an alternative ending to the game.
  • Choose your own sniping point on each stage and choose the time of day to attack your target.
  • Your rifle's telescopic sight has a three stage zoom for total accuracy.
  • Your in-game buddies will help you along the way giving advice on targets and locations. With various missions from intercepting secret meetings to disabling vehicles you'll be pleased they joined you.
  • We can't tell you more than this about the game or we'd have to kill you.


Format: PlayStation®2
RRP: £14.99
Barcode: 5036675003690
Release date: 12th March 2004

Detonator is a truly unique blend of an engaging puzzle game with the satisfying reward of the obliteration of empty buildings and skyscrapers.

The challenge is simple - to place explosives in the key locations within a building to weaken it enough to bring it toppling down. Sounds simple. The reality is you have a limited number of dynamite sticks and a whole multitude of different size and shaped buildings.

The result is a real brain teaser that will keep you coming back for more.

Product Features:

  • A unique experience on the PlayStation 2.
  • A super stylish hi-tech presentation makes the experience all the more immersive.
  • With numerous different types of explosives there are literally thousands of possible combinations that you have to consider.
  • Buildings collapse in real-time and fall according to where you placed your charges.
  • Single player games include Standard, Special, Crack and Destruction. Each sets different tasks and restrictions to encourage a different approach from the player.
  • Challenge mode is a race against time to clear 99 levels.
  • Two player modes include head to head battles and timed levels.

League Series Baseball 2

Format: PlayStation®2
RRP: £14.99
Barcode: 5036675003393
Release date: 5th March 2004

Here's the pitch on League Series Baseball 2:

League Series Baseball 2 offers you the best of both worlds - firstly you are the king of the dugout barking out instructions, deciding on tactics, moving your fielders around to get your best arm on 2nd base and secondly you are the king of the mound taking all the pitches and hitting all the home runs.

Every decision could mean the difference between sweet victory and bitter defeat....step up to the plate champion!

Product Features:

  • League Series Baseball 2 features an incredible 4,000 playable teams!
  • Each team is fully customizable - you set the training routines, choose the position of each player and also get to choose the kit - no easy feat when you have over 800 different sock designs to choose from!
  • Based on the collegiate system where players graduate and are replaced by juniors each season which means each season presents new tests and challenges.
  • Innovate weather system means conditions can change at any time, providing a realistic edge over other baseball games.
  • Single-player mode features a quick match, cup mode or the ultimate Series Championship.
  • Vs Mode lets two players fight to tally up the most home runs.

MaXXed Out Racing

Format: PlayStation®2
RRP: £14.99
Barcode: 5036675004031
Release date: 12th March 2004

Absolutely nothing is too extreme for Maxxed Out Racing. This is every boy-racers dream, a tarmac laden heaven of speed and style - the dog's exhaust pipe.

In the ultimate adrenaline rush, the winner will be the one who customises their car until it burns with raw energy and then has the skill and nerve to keep it on the road whilst others are careering off into oblivion.

Product Features:

  • Huge variety of vehicles ranging from street machines to muscle cars. Each one has unique handling and awesome styling.
  • Each race victory earns cash and unlocks new vehicles to race.
  • Winning cash allows you to customise and upgrade your beloved machine including new paint jobs, fat exhausts, bigger engines and a multitude of tasty decals.
  • Race suburban, street, off-road and circuit tracks, each filled with secret routes and civilian traffic.
  • In Championship mode you take on the computer controlled opponents in the ultimate test of driving.
  • Maxxed Out Racing features a superb AI model where computer controlled cars remember your style of driving and the hits you inflicted and they come back for revenge!
  • Vs mode let's you test your driving skills against a friend or foe.

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