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Neverwinter Nights: SoU & HoU - Patches Available NOW

by Rainier on Feb. 24, 2004 @ 10:13 p.m. PST

Bioware has released the final patch for their 3D role-playing game Neverwinter Nights, and both its addons Shadows of Undrentide and Hordes of the Underdark. This upgrade brings your retail game to v1.62 and adds the Sea Hag and Winter Sky skybox to game resources, fixes custom talk tables in multiplayer and a various other bugs. Read more for detailed fix list and download links ...

Get the NwN v1.62 patch off worthplaying (73mb)

Get the NwN: Hordes Of Underdark v1.62 patch off Worthplaying (27mb)

Get the NwN: Shadows Of Undrentide v1.62 patch off Worthplaying (69mb)

Neverwinter Nights 1.62 Critical Rebuild Patch

Download Instructions

* Click the Neverwinter Nights 1.62 Critical Rebuild Patch link
* Select Save As and choose a location where you will be able to find the patch
(Desktop is a good choice if you are not familiar with directories)

Install Instructions

Warning This is a critical rebuild patch for the ORIGINAL NEVERWINTER NIGHTS
ONLY. Do not install this patch if you are have Shadows of the Undrentide or
Hordes of the Underdark installed. Download and install the patches for those
expansions on their respective support pages. Do not download and install this
patch unless (a) the automatic update is failing and (b) downloading and
installing the NWUpdate patch did not resolve the problem. Installing this
patch when it is not needed may cause problems and require re-installing
Neverwinter Nights. Also, you may want to visit Biowares Neverwinter Nights
Patch Pages for the lastest information concerning Neverwinter Nights patches.

Installing the Critical Rebuild Patch

* Locate the Critical Rebuild (NWNEnglish1.62OrigUpdate.exe) and double-click
* Launch Neverwinter Nights

File Details

Patch details for v1.62 English

Neverwinter Nights Game

WARNING! As of this patch, all modules created/saved with the version 1.62
toolset are tagged as requiring version 1.62 or higher of neverwinter nights
game or toolset. If you don't want to brand your module as 1.62 then do not
edit your module in the version 1.62 toolset. If you want to go back to 1.61,
we will have a 1.62 to 1.61 patch available.

* Added the Sea Hag to game resources.
* Added the Winter Sky skybox to game resources.
* Custom talk tables now work in multiplayer games. If you don't have the
module's required "*.tlk" file in your "tlk" directory the module wont load and
you will be given an error message telling you that the tlk file is missing.
This behaviour is the same as for Hak Paks.
* Fixed up a few spells for various bugs: Elemental Shape, Improved
Invisibility, and Crumble.
* Fixed a bug that was causing store purchasing restrictions messages to be
displayed at inappropriate times.
* HotU: Fixed crash in the official campaign that could sometimes happen after
talking to the Battle Herald if you had a summoned familiar present.
* Made a fix to the lootable corpse system. If the only inventory item that a
lootable corpse drops is gold, the gold will now show up on the corpse, rather
than the corpse appearing empty. Also, if a lootable corpse is empty, it will
become unselectable after you search it once.
* Made a fix to the Server/Module details. They were showing up under the wrong
headings in the server details page.
* Made some fixes to skyboxes for their display and their transitions.
* Creatures now drop out of stealth mode and lose invisibility effects when
they die. Makes it a little easier to find the body for resurrection purposes.
* Fixed a bug that was capping the Experience Points granted for killing a
creature to a maximum Creature Rating of 20. You now get the proper experience
points for killing creatures that have a CR above 20.
* Fixed bug that would occur if you were disconnected from a multiplayer game
while in defensive stance. If you logged back into the server your character
would never be able to move ever again.
* Fixed a number of bugs with regards to the Dragon Disciple and ELC checks.
* Fixed a problem with henchman not running their on death scripts.
* Bane of enemies feat now does the correct amount of damage.
* Touch attacks now properly takes into account "epic weapon focus" bonus if
its in unarmed attack.
* An Epic level Bard/Palemaster will now properly show the epic level spells on
their spells radial menu once the Palemaster reaches level 15.
* We now try removing stealth/invisibility visual effects from henchman before
the are removed from the party, so that they stop fading in and out.
* Fixed a bug could cause your character to fail leveling-up if you had
previously lost a class due to a level-loss.
* Added a slight delay to the "inventory is full" sound effect. This fixes a
problem, where the sound wouldn't play if you dropped an item while switching
* Fixed a bug that would cause placeable containers to get permanently stuck
* Fixed a few bugs where the contents of your inventory would suddenly
* Fixed a message where the "Gained Gold" text message was being displayed when
you were actually losing gold.
* Added more emotes to the emotes menu (Read, Drink potion, Meditate, Worship,
Sit on ground, Fall down forwards, Fall down backwards).
* Fixed the text message when using cleave in a defensive stance.
* Fixed character select screen crash that would occur if you had a character
with a custom character class in the list and you loaded a module that didn't
support that custom character class. The unsupported class will be displayed as
* Fixed a bug in the encounter system that would cause 1st level creatures to
be spawned in once your character was above 20th level. This change affects all
modules that are NOT the official campaign.
* Clicking OK in the sound options menu will now correctly save the selected
sound provider selected in the Advanced Sound Options gui to the nwn.ini file.
Rather than overriding it with the preferred sound provider, which could be
* Fixed a display issue with the Henchman stealth mode/spell mode radial menu
* Fixed the Zen Archery Feat so that it is now used for non-touch ranged
attacks instead of just ranged touch attacks.
* There were a number of problems with the calculations to attack bonuses for
Melee Touch Attacks. These have been fixed now.
* Made some fixes to prevent game/character hacking. Sorry, but we will never
publically discuss specific changes to the game with regards to hacking the
* Made several game stability fixes.

DM Client

* Added a confirmation box to the DM "Jump All Players to Point" feature.
* DM spawned in Placeables now spawn in facing the DM, rather than always
facing East.
* DMs can now attack things again.


* The GetFacing() scripting command will now always return the angle rounded to
the nearest degree. This fixes a problem where in some odd situations the
returned value was off by more than 0.01 and causing comparison operations to
fail and breaking some puzzles in HotU.
* Made some fixes to GetIsImmune() to address the various issues where Monks,
Druids, Paladins, and Red Dragon Disciples that have various feats that give
immunities to poisons and disease.
* Made a fix to GetHasSpell() where it was returning incorrect values for
creatures that could cast the Cure/Inflict Wounds spells.
* Made a fix to the GetClassByPosition() scripting command, so that it now
works with the new HotU prestige classes and CLASS_TYPE_OOZE.
* Made a fix to the CreateItemOnObject() scripting command. Now if the item
created was merged into an existing stack of similar items CreateItemOnObject()
will return the merged stack object rather than OBJECT_INVALID. If the merged
stack overflowed, then CreateItemOnObject() will return the overflowed stack
that was created. This also fixes a Scribe Scroll bug, where if you created a
new scroll and you had an existing scroll in your inventory, it would state
that you failed, but the scroll would be created anyways.
* Fixed an issue when calling SetCutsceneMode(FALSE) and it not clearing the
player's plot flag.
* The SurrenderToEnemies() scripting command now removes wounding effects from
the surrendering creature, so that you can talk to them.
* We now allow users to specify any Camera Traslation Speed.
* Made a fix to CreateObject() so that objects created are done from their
templates so they can pick up template variables.
* The GetLastClosedBy() scripting command now works in the OnStoreClosed event
of stores. The GetLastOpenedBy() scripting command should now be more reliable
when used on stores in a multiplayer game.
* GetIsImmune() scripting command now also takes into account Palemaster's
Tough as Bones feat, Paladin's aura of courage feat and Monks perfect self.
Fixes some immunity text message feedback weirdness when Palemasters are being
attacked by Gelatenous cubes and such.

Server-specific changes

* Made some optimizations to improve the responsiveness of the Windows
dedicated server interface.

Custom Content Installer

* Added support for adding and installing custom .tlk files.

2DA Files Changed in this Update

* appearance.2da
* iprp_aligngrp.2da
* iprp_onhitspell.2da
* polymorph.2da
* portraits.2da
* skyboxes.2da
* soundset.2da
* spells.2da
* vfx_persistent.2da

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