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'Romance Of The Three Kingdoms IX' (PS2) In Stores Now

by Rainier on Feb. 27, 2004 @ 11:18 a.m. PST

KOEI announced today that Romance Of The Three Kingdoms IX, the award-winning simulation game for the PayStation 2 is available now at retailers throughout North America.

In ROMANCE OF THE THREE KINGDOMS IX, players will immerse themselves in the epic tales of Ancient China. Starting from the rank of Ruler, gamers can
manage daily political affairs, build a strong corps of loyal officers, and control legions of troops in legendary battles. The latest installment of the long-running series introduces new Challenge and "What If" scenarios, an evolved Officer Development System, a dynamic Tactical Combo System in which players set officer formations to unleash a barrage of powerful attacks- all to a stirring score performed by the Moscow Symphony Orchestra. Players can even use save data from Dynasty WarriorsR4, Dynasty Warriors 4 Xtreme LegendsT or Dynasty TacticsT 2 to unlock a new officer.

Gamers can learn more by visiting KOEI's official ROMANCE OF THE THREE KINGDOMS IX minisite at

ROMANCE OF THE THREE KINGDOMS IX was developed by KOEI's internal studios and is produced by Kou Shibusawa, whose previous credits include: the Nobunaga's AmbitionT series, Crimson SeaT, the Winning PostT series, the P.T.O.T series, and the KessenT series. ROMANCE OF THE THREE KINGDOMS IX is exclusive to the PlayStation 2, and is a 1-8 Player turn-based game. The title is rated "E" (Everyone - Mild Language, Violence).

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