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'Romance Of The Three Kingdoms IX' (PS2) - Game Details Part 2

by Rainier on Feb. 8, 2004 @ 3:08 a.m. PST

Step into war-torn China of the 2nd and 3rd centuries, assume the rank of ruler, and deal with fast-paced military and political affairs in the latest game in Koei's popular series. Along the way, you'll earn points and items to upgrade officers. Romance of the Three Kingdoms IX will ship to North American retailers on Feb 24, 2004 and as we mentioned last week, as the launch approaches, every week more information will become available. Today we reveal expanded information on RTKIX's tactical element.

This update looks at the Tactics of Romance of the Three Kingdoms IX. Tactics are an officer's special skills. RTKIX includes nine types of tactics, raging from Foot to Schemes. RTKIX also introduces the concept of Tactical Chains.

Triggering Tactics

In RTKIX, an officer's tactics will trigger automatically based on terrain and current circumstances. An officer is more likely to use a tactic if he is positioned at the front of the unit's military formation, the unit is rallied and becomes excited, or the officer's unit is fighting close to one of your cities.

Tactical Chains

RTKIX introduces the concept of chaining tactics to the Romance series. If officers with the same tactic are placed in the same unit, there is a chance that the tactics will chain. Chaining tactics can cause massive damage to an enemy. How can you chain tactics?

  • Place officers with the same tactic in one unit. Furthermore, highly compatible officers also have a higher chance of causing a tactical chain
  • Organizing your unit into a Wedge formation will increase the chances of a tactical chain. For example, by placing an officer with a Scheme type tactic in the unit, a Scheme will cause the enemy to become Confused or Disrupted. The confusion or disruption amongst the enemy unit could trigger a second tactic type.

Learning Tactics and Tactics Experience

Officers can learn new tactics in several ways such as: using their existing tactics in battle, earning tactics experience, or going through a tactics training session. Sometimes you can learn a tactic when an enemy uses it against you.

Tactics, just like abilities, require experience. If an officer's tactics experience level is high, the tactics he uses are more likely to succeed, and hence more damage will be inflicted to the target. Furthermore your defense against enemy tactics will improve. In RTKIX, officers can earn tactics experience in different ways. When an officer's tactic is triggered, all of the officers in his unit will earn tactics experience. Also, special events or charms may also cause tactics experience to rise.

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