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'eXtreme Demolition' Announced - Screens

by Rainier on Feb. 9, 2004 @ 7:49 p.m. PST

Simply Gaming PR is proud to announce eXtreme Demolition, The most over-the-top demolition game ever! Cars and levels are more varied than any other. High tech eXtreme level designs will have you ramping between skyscraper rooftops and dealing with artificial gravity that changes direction and makes driving up walls and on ceilings an option. Add to this a bevy of game modes, ranging from single player to online team modes, and you have a demolition experience like no other.

Key Features Include..

  • Just pummelled you into the ground… or is that the ceiling? Gravity effects will allow driving up wall, onto ceilings, zones where gravity can change directions, and more! Drive on both sides of a reinforced glass pane. Slam an opponent into the upper gravity zone and watch him land on the ceiling!
  • Drive a variety of vehicles ranging from exotic sport cars, F1 car to camouflaged army vehicles, even a giant scud launcher!
  • Finally, a demolition game with other game modes that aren’t just an afterthought: In addition to death-match, you can play capture the flag in one of the specially designed CTF arenas. Play the explosive bomb-tag mode. Play football… in cars! The innovative football mode allows you to call plays, run or pass, score touchdowns, make interceptions, etc. play football like you never have before, and in response to tester feedback we will be expanding the game to include weapons.
  • For lone players try quest mode and advance through the dozens of levels while unravelling the true motivation behind this tournament. Or play Time Attack, view other player’s top scores, and try for a new world record that will then be automatically posted on the web and in-game. Or set up a custom match with ‘bots any way you want.
  • Features the award winning network engine used in Tribes and Tribes 2, providing fast, stable LAN and Internet play. Play any game mode, set up teams any way you want, mix humans and ‘bots, own your buddies!

More information about this game can be found at

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