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'Coliseum' - Update Patch & Demo Available NOW

by Rainier on March 1, 2004 @ 7:49 p.m. PST

Get the Coliseum v1.6 Patch off WP (9mb)

Get the Coliseum v1.6 demo off WP (20mb)

Installs over v1.5 patch (available at right). Just double-click and it installs itself over the previous version of the game.

Note: Previous save games are NOT compatible with this version and will be lost when installing.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a rare bug where you were not able to offer to sign a warrior to a contract at the end of the first contract you signed them to
  • Fixed a problem where the end of the last fight screen of the season appeared at the first fight of the next season if you failed to qualify for the playoffs
  • Corrected a bug that assigns a different warrior to a slot other than the one you picked in the Academy Draft
  • Fixed a glitch when loading a game where the first enchantment choice description wasn't filled in after loading
  • All "Error 9" and music-related crashes should now be resolved for those who had trouble with the game before
  • Fixed a bug that was introduced in 1.5 where the game crashed if you bought an enchantment and you did not have a Primary warrior selected
  • Fixed improper calculation where career kills were factored into the playoff tie calculation instead of current season kills
  • Corrected the Pre-Arena screen to display the warrior's current season record instead of their career record
  • Fixed a display glitch for Master Training that displayed the bonuses in the incorrect column
  • Auctions have been fixed to properly take into account only the warrior's base stats, not ones inflated from spells or potions
  • Also fixed auctions where a warrior with very high stats will not prolong an auction into a seemingly endless loop
  • Corrected a problem with stat enhancing enchantments that may cause them to keep adding their bonus to the warrior's stats over and over again


  • Toned down the effects and speed of season fatigue slightly so that warriors can fight in more matches and have better chances to qualify for the playoffs
  • Going to 0 Gold at the start of a turn now ends the game in bankruptcy
  • Eliminated the Exit Arena button after a fight is complete, it now pops up the match simulation screen automatically after a few seconds, saving a click and
    speeding up the game a bit
  • Slightly improved the chances of training being successful and added a cumulative counter that increases the chance of a stat going up the longer it is worked on without going up
  • Saved games are NO LONGER deleted when loading them. Keep in mind you only have 3 saved game slots, so if all are filled, you must delete one of your saved games to save a new manager.
  • Created new icons for the match-up screen underneath your next opponent to make the look visually more attractive and consistent with other screens that
    use icons
  • Tweaked aging curve to be a little more unpredictable and to drop off a bit more with ages past 50 or so

New Features:

  • QUESTS - Added the training alternative where you can send a warrior on a quest to explore a faraway dangerous territory, at the risk of possible injury
    or death, for stat increases and gold
  • BRIBERY - You now may have the option of bribing your next opponent to go easier against your fighter in the upcoming match; possibility and amount based on the opponent's Intangibles and stats
  • PLAYOFF DISPLAY - You now can watch the progression of the playoffs, even if one of your warriors does not qualify
  • NEW - Added 10 new enchantments
  • BOX SCORE - The game now displays a stat box after each match that gives details about the match; Number of attacks, successful hits, hit percentage,
    average damage and more.

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