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'The Egyptian Prophecy' - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on March 10, 2004 @ 11:52 a.m. PST

Ramses is doomed by what appears to be an evil curse surrounding this pact. His fate lies in the hands of one… Maia, a beautiful young sorceress favoured by the gods. If she fails to uncover the mystery, Ramses will die, and with him Egypt shall fall. This first person adventure has an easy to use point-and-click interface with high quality cinematics, and integrated 3D real-time puzzles. Read more for new screens and trailer ...

Get the Egyptian Prophecy Trailer off WP (7mb)

The story itself is based on the Egyptian leader, Ramses II. He was the ruler of Egypt from 1304 to 1237 B.C. He is 60 years old and dying, but he does not want to perish or renounce his magnificent kingdom. The Egyptian god Amon-Re has agreed to grant him health and prolong his reign as Pharaoh… but under the condition that Ramses reconstructs Amon-Re's temple - the most colossal obelisk ever constructed by man.

Throughout the game, the player must use ancient Egyptian rituals and concoct potions to heal those afflicted by the malediction and conquer evil entities. They must also enlist the help of various people and gods to unravel this mystery, save the Pharaoh and rescue Egypt. As well as an engaging and compelling story, gamers will also get to experience some of the wonders of ancient Egypt as they travel along the Nile and explore locations and monuments such as: Pi-Ramses, Memphis, and the labyrinth of Ptah.

Equally compelling, intrepid adventurers must also scour the in-game encyclopedia for historically accurate information on rituals, ancient monuments and artifacts, and Egyptian mythology to aid their progress.

The game's rating is still pending and it ships on March 26th, 2004 for $19.99.

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