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'Ragnarok Online' - Website Launched

by Rainier on March 16, 2004 @ 10:25 a.m. PST

In the world of massively multi-player online role-playing games (MMORPG), none is more approachable or enjoyable than the magical world of Ragnarok Online. Gravity Interactive LLC, the U.S. subsidiary of Gravity Corp. in Korea, announced today the launch of its new Ragnarok Online website, offering gamers a fun new way to experience this anime-style, fantasy world. Read more for some details.

“We have re-designed the Ragnarok Online website to showcase all the exciting new developments with the game, and also to be more user-friendly to new players,” said Peter Kang, senior director of Gravity Interactive LLC. “Ragnarok Online has the potential to expand the MMORPG audience, because it is easy to pick up and start playing. It is less complicated than many of the existing MMORPGs, and has customizable characters that appeal to a wide audience.”

Gamers will instantly grow attached to the whimsical world of Ragnarok Online as the 2-D anime-style graphic characters are featured front and center on the new website. Inspired by the fantasy animation written by Myung-Jin Lee, Ragnarok Online is a vast world with endless background and storyline elements showcased in a 3-D environment. The new website offers a streamlined new player section, allowing gamers to quickly choose and design their characters and start playing almost immediately. For veteran Ragnarok Online players, the site will provide enhanced sections for updates and community features.

In addition to the new website, Ragnarok Online will be launching its Juno update to the game. New maps, monsters, and an alternative second job system which will allow players to change their occupations from a swordsman to a crusader, from an archer to a bard or a dancer, from a thief to a rogue, from a magician to a sage, from a merchant to an alchemist and from an acolyte to a monk will all be added.

The community of Ragnarok Online is dynamic and growing, attracting more than 17 million players from all over the world, in 130 different countries since its inception three years ago in South Korea. In the U.S. alone Ragnarok Online has more than 700,000 registered users.

Characters in Ragnarok Online allow players to be anything they desire -- from a strong and vengeful fighter, a swift thief and caring healer to an intelligent mage. The player first chooses his character, and then adjusts the attributes that will help him advance in the world, such as strength, intelligence, dexterity, vitality and luck. As the player progresses through the game and advances levels, he gains points that can be used for new character attributes.

Getting around this third-person environment is also fairly easy, especially for those without prior experience in the MMORPG game genre, as camera movement, zooming, and character movement can all be controlled via the mouse and keyboard. Combat and magic are also handled in a similar fashion. Click and hold or press control and click on an opposing critter to start attacking – no complicated keystroke combinations to master.

There is also the opportunity to own pets in the world of Ragnarok Online -- 27 in total to choose from, and each with its own special taming device. While finding the pets might be a challenge, taming them is also a feat. The critter the character may desire as a friend, might not like him, which can be quite disappointing, and if not fed regularly will run away -- these pets have attitude, too!

There are 10 different lands and environments in the world of Ragnarok Online for players to travel to. Characters have the option of being a Knight or Acolyte in the Capital City of Prontera; a Swordsman in Izlude; a thief in Morroc; a Mage in Geffen; an Archer in Payon; or a Merchant in Alberta. Players may also simply visit surrounding territories such as the village of winter wonderland, Lutie or the City of Comodo, known for its entertainment type amusements.

Players can easily join for a 15-day free trial base with no credit card information needed, or for a $12 a month subscription. For players that want to check out the game before committing to a full month subscription, Ragnarok Online also offers the new option to purchase 30 hours of gameplay time for $7.99. To join in the excitement, and for more information log onto the Ragnarok Online website.

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