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Singles: Flirt Up Your Life

Platform(s): Arcade, Game Boy Advance, GameCube, Nintendo DS, PC, PSOne, PSP, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox, Xbox 360
Genre: Simulation

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'Singles: Flirt Up Your Life' Goes Gold - Screens

by Rainier on March 16, 2004 @ 11:08 a.m. PST

Lets take a look behind the scenes at our SINGLES:


"Take your jaw off the floor and maybe we can have a conversation"

Born with a silver spoon in her mouth and a diamond mine in the family, Paris has it all - looks that grab men by their eye sockets and drag them around the room; a degree from Cambridge; and an ego so big it makes NASA replan their flight paths. Bitch? She's not a bitch, she just says it like it is. Well, when you want to escape your rich father and have a life of your own, you tend to get a little direct, don't you?


"Love it darling, love it. Best idea ever"

Surgically attached to her mobile phone, girl next-door Nicci wants to work and play amongst the stars. TV stars that is. Ready to drink double-whip lattes with the best of them, Nicci's charming her way into the high pressure, hyena eat hyena world of TV production. There might be competition, but Nicci has the hair and the brains to conquer the tube and beam herself straight into your living room.


"Anyway, she said...sorry, love, did you want this streaking? No, blonde, love, red's not you...So, she said..."

Capable of spotting a fashion disaster across a crowded room and a mullet at a mile, Rachel is a sophisticated style sniper. Give her just an hour with that hair, and she'll make you a soft focus heartthrob. Mind, it'll only take her fifteen minutes to know your life story. Funny, friendly and foxy, Rachel's only problem is she might've inhaled just a little too much perming lotion.


"I'm James, fly me"

James lives life in the fast lane. And we're talking two hundred miles an hour, one mile up and cruising. Happy to try anything anywhere, James has done more miles than a second-hand transit and is still going. Even on the ground, his feet don't touch it. A born raver, James will party all night and fly all day. If you're up for fun, then James is ready for you.


"Show them who is boss and they'll do anything for you. It's all in the breeding".

With more go than a steroid laden steeplechaser, Horsy Amanda knows her horseflesh. It takes her a second to spot a runner from a ringer and a stud from a nag. She might seem frostier than a lager glass in Iceland, but don't judge a book by its cover, there's a volcano bubbling inside her and it's ready to erupt. As for jokes about a good stallion between her can do better than that...


"I will survive! I'm just not sure about anyone else."

Cool, reserved, discreet are all words that don't come close to describing Eden. In fact you wouldn't use any of them. Wilder than a wounded wolf in your washing machine, Eden is raw energy unleashed into the world of music. More Rotten than Johnny, she's still an apple many men would like to take a bite out of. And she's going all the way to the top. Stand in her way...if you dare.


"Yeah, baby! AWWW, Baby! You know you want me! I'm a one man firecrew with his own hose"

Ron Roams was born with a destiny. The midwife knew it. The whole hospital knew it. He's not so much got a large lunchbox as his own catering van and he's always ready to serve it up. With natural talent like his, he's going to go far. He's going to go up, down, sideways, and any which way as often as possible. So hold on tight, cos Ron is going to take you for the ride of your life.

DJ Morten

"I am being having the best year of my life - party, party, party!"

Mad, bad and dangerous to the ears, Morten can spin faster and cooler than a helicopter in a snowstorm. Arriving in Britain as a Norwegian exchange student, Morten has stayed to conquer the world with his tunes. He might not have the greatest lines, but he is melting the ladies' hearts with the music and those 80's gang member looks.


"Anything's fine, I don't mind, really."

Kyle's a nice guy, really nice, just nice really, and he loves his mum. Not one to pay for clothing or a hairstyle that won't last five years, Kyle's your practical man who's done practically everything...for about five minutes. Coming up from the valleys of Llenwelloch he's not used to big city life. All these decisions, I mean as long as you can pay your rent and buy the latest copy of 'Fleece Monthly', then what's the worry?


"Uno, dos, tres! Excelente! Now...let me show you one of my special moves..."

Slicker than a moon walk on greased ice, Latino Enrique oozes style, confidence and hair gel. He's the man with the tan, and an eye for the ladies, but then, hey! he knows they're looking at him. Okay, he was actually born Mike from Dudley, but everyone has to have an angle, right?


"Yeah, I do smile like...I just don't find you funny"

Optimists are like people who don't know what's going on like. I mean, people should like see that the world is like teenage poetry on a toilet wall: A pure artist, no one sees the world like Eddie does. He might seem black and white, but there's passion, paint, and poo on his canvas that say 'deep, man, deep'.


"People don't understand. They don't understand that they don't understand. They have to understand that."

With enough grease in his hair to fry half a ton of cod; more hooded tops than Robin; and a bigger collection of chains than a kinky bike shop owner; Bod is tooled up and ready to save the world in a second. When not tying people to trees, or shoving them down holes, Bod is freeing animals that have been imprisoned without trial. Cos Bod cares. Really cares.


"Breathe deep, deeper. Think of butterflies. Now gently tense your pelvic floor"

Laidback lover of lycra, Lizzie's body is a temple. Born on the cusp of Aquarius, she's happiest when meditating with ankle weights or rebalancing her kharma to the sound of mating humpbacks. A bit dippy, Liz is always ready to laugh at your jokes, even if she doesn't get them. If only she knew why all these boys kept following her. I mean it's nice, but...sorry she wasn't made that way.

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