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Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Take Two
Developer: Triumph Studios
Release Date: July 25, 2003

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'Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic' - Update Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on March 16, 2004 @ 3:54 p.m. PST

This latest addition to the Age of Wonders series will enable players to experience the all new and eerie Shadow World dimension and battle with races never seen before across new and diverse landscapes. Combined with the option of creating a totally unique environment with the map generator and rewriting the history of this world time and time again through the enhanced campaign editor, players are ensured a constant stream of completely new game experiences.

Get the AoW: Shadow Magic v1.3 Update Patch off WP (6mb)

FIXES in v1.3:


-When a city with an opposite alignment to your wizard is conquered, you no longer become neutral automatically.
-Incarnates who possess units in a conquered good-aligned city now no longer have bad morale or rebel.
-The AI no longer moves stacks of units on and off magic items endlessly when Item Teleportation is Off.


-Resurrect now works both on friendly and enemy units again.

CHANGES in v1.3:


-The Average Town Setting in the RMG now starts without a Siege Workshop.


-Animate Corpse now gives back 50% (was 25%) of the former units' hits.


-Archon Charioteer now has Holy Strike on Silver medal.
-Archon Saint now has Cost 170 (was 150), Move 24 (was 28).
-Dark Elf Executioner now has Cave Crawling.
-Dark Elf Longbow now has Cost 35.
-Dark Elf Shade now has DAM 8 (was 6), DEF 10 (was 9), Death Protection, Death Immunity on Silver medal.
-Dark Elf Spider Queen now has DEF 9 (was 10).
-Draconian Crusher now has DEF 8 (was 7).
-Draconian Slither now has RES 8 (was 5), Move 32 (was 28), Forestry, Markmanship I, II on Silver medal and III on Gold medal.
-Draconian Elder now has Leadership I on Silver medal and II on Gold medal.
-Draconian Flyer now has Charge.
-Draconian Red Dragon has Vision III on Silver medal and Vision IV on Gold medal.
-Dwarf Gargoyle now has Magic Strike.
-Elf Treeman now has Cost 140 (was 150).
-Elf Longbowman now has Cost 35 (was 40).
-Elf Fairy Dragon now has Vision III on Silver medal and Vision IV on Gold medal.
-Frostling Frostwitch now has Cost 80 (was 90).
-Frostling Mammoth Rider now has Move 32 (was 30) and Cost 170 (was 180).
-Halfling Rogue now has Move 28 (was 24), ATT 8 (was 7).
-Human Swashbuckler now has Move 28 (was 24).
-Human Herbalist now has Poison Immunity at Silver.
-Human Knight now has DEF 12 (was 11).
-Nomad Djinn now has DEF 8 (was 7) and Move 32 (was 30).
-Nomad Pit Guard now has Move 32 (was 30).
-Nomad Slaver now has Hits 18 (was 14).
-Orc Abomination now has Forestry.
-Orc Shaman now has RES 12 (was 10), Death Protection, Poison Protection and Death and Poison Immunity on silver medal.
-Orc Warlord now has Cost 190 (was 200).
-Orc Glutton now has RES 14 (was 12) and Death Immunity at Silver medal.
-Shadow Demon Bombard now has Cost 45 (was 50).
-Shadow Demon Skimmer now has Cost 110 (was 120).
-Shadow Demon Haverster now has Cost 170 (was 180).
-Shadow Demon Brain now has True Seeing.
-Shadow Demon Lord no longer has Holy Weakness.
-Syron Lightning Catcher now has Cost 50 (was 55)
-Syron Rider now has Swimming, Vision I on Silver medal, Vision II on Gold medal.
-Syron Shadow Runner now has Cost 100 (was 120), Move 32 (was 28), ATT 10 (was 9), RES 8 (was 6) and no longer has Vision.
-Syron Changeling now has Cost 120 (was 150) and Phase.
-Syron Warrior now has Cost 180 (was 190) and ATT 13 (was 12).
-Syron Forceship now has Static Shield, Hits 30 (was 26) and no longer has Fire weakness.
-Tigran Prowler now has Charge and First Strike on Silver medal.
-Tigran Cat Master now has Cost 80 (was 90).
-Tigran Manticore now has Charge.
-Tigran Sphinx now has Drain Will at Silver medal.
-Undead Death Knight now has Unholy Champion at Silver medal.
-Undead Vampire now has Regeneration and no longer Fire weakness.
-Undead Necromancer now has Cost 150 (was 140), Drain Will, Dispel Magic, Markmanship I, II on Silver medal and III on Gold medal.
-Undead Dread Reaper now has Pass Wall and no longer has Magic Protection on Silver medal.

-Air Elemental now has ATT 13 (was 12), DAM 9 (was 8) and Lightning Immunity.
-Bone Dragon now has Hits 20 (was 22) and Dam 8 (was 9).
-Ice Dragon now has Vision III at Silver medal and Vision IV at Gold medal.
-Water Dancer now has DEF 9 (was 10).


-Pixie Dust now has ATT 16 (was 15).
-Grasp now has DAM 15 (was 10).


-Banish Summonend now has ATT 15 (was 12) and DAM 15 (was 12)
-Call of the Forest now has Upkeep 30 (was 50).
-Healing now has Cost 11 (was 12).
-Phoenix now has Research Cost 400 (was 380).
-Purifying Water now has Cost 80 (was 100) and Upkeep 15 (was 20).
-Recall Hero now has Cost 40 (was 50).
-Rot now has Cost 8 (was 10).

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