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'Project Entropia's Land Grab Event'

by Rainier on March 17, 2004 @ 9:56 a.m. PST

Project Entropia, the world's only virtual universe incorporating a real economy with a convertible currency, announces the first great virtual land grab, scheduled for June 2004! Any person in the world who has a reasonably fast internet connection and a normal PC may participate in the land grab.

Jan Welter Timkrans, CEO of MindArk PE AB, the company responsible for the development of the three dimensional universe of Project Entropia says: "This is the first land grab since back in the "wild west" era in the United States. Everyone is invited to participate in this historic event free of charge."

Anyone participating will have the chance of becoming one of the first virtual landowners in cyberspace. The land lots will vary in size from a few acres up to hundreds of acres.

A landowner will have the same privileges as a landowner in the real world. He will for example be able to sell hunting and mining rights, sell lots for private houses, etc.

The new land is pristine and untamed and your survival will depend on your avatar's skills, attributes and gear. So get prepared.

Project Entropia is a true virtual universe with over 100 000 participants. Project Entropia is downloadable at no cost from the Internet. The virtual world is an infrastructure for interactive entertainment, auction systems, community building, and social interaction; supported by a patent pending economy system with a currency freely convertible to real world currencies.

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