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'Lifeline' (PS2) Ships To Stores

by Rainier on March 2, 2004 @ 11:30 a.m. PST

Konami Digital Entertainment America today announced it has shipped Lifeline for the PlayStation2 to retail outlets nationwide. The latest in a series of Konami titles to make innovative use of peripheral devices (Dance Dance Revolution, Karaoke Revolution), Lifeline breaks new ground as the first voice controlled action-adventure game for any console.

"Bringing voice recognition into gaming, Lifeline offers players an experience unlike anything seen or heard before," said Rob Goff, product manager, Konami Digital Entertainment - America. "Not only will players guide the main character, Rio, through intense battles with ferocious creatures, but they will actually have to interact and build trust with Rio through verbal communication."

Lifeline takes players to a futuristic space station hotel where they will find themselves trapped in the structure's control room after a massive attack. The only sign of life is the mysterious woman named Rio - voiced by Kristen Miller of syndicated TV hit She Spies - with whom players must use verbal communication to solve the mystery of the attack and save themselves from certain death.

When stepping into the control room, voice commands such as "shoot and reload," "dodge to the right," "look behind you," and countless others will come in handy as players battle with a variety of deadly creatures and solve puzzles that require fast thinking. Lifeline utilizes unprecedented voice technology and any USB headset microphone to recognize more than 5,000 words and 100,000 phrases.

Developed by Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., Lifeline is rated M for mature by the Entertainment Software Association and is available for an SRP of $39.99. To learn more about Lifeline, please visit

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