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'Armored Assault II: Stalingrad 1944' Revealed

by Rainier on March 24, 2004 @ 3:04 a.m. PST

iEntertainment Network Inc announced today that the new Armored Assault II Beta Development game can be played for FREE online in Massively Multiplayer online simulation gaming (MMOSG) at A brand new game, Armored Assault II: Stalingrad 1944 is in development and should be shipped over the next few months as this Development Beta assists in determining the features online player want most!

Players can go to the official Armored Assault website to get their FREE accounts and join the FUN!

During the FREE AA period additional updates, vehicles, maps, and weapon systems will be introduced into the game based largely on player feedback. The next big update is scheduled for April 22, 2004.

Players can email to make suggestions that will go into IENT’s next big Tank MMOSG, Armored Assault II: Stalingrad 1944, is expected to be released by Fall 2004.

Scheduled Massive Tank Battle Events occur every Tuesday at 9 PM Eastern Standard Time (0200 UTC Wednesdays) in the Armored Assault FREE Arenas. Come join the fun. (Tank battles go on 24/7 in this FREE arena.)

Armored Assault II: Stalingrad 1944, will provide over 20 different tanks and ground vehicles, rolling high detail terrain, realistic gun effects and ballistics, artillery, and great online tank battles over an exciting and challenging game terrain for up to 1000 players at a time!

The new terrain graphic system of Armored Assault II takes advantage of breakthroughs in utilizing satellite terrain data with detailed 10-meter data. This data provides more accurate terrain, allows real ridges, valleys, rivers, etc. to be placed and scaled in their real physical locations. New terrains will include the Russian Steppes for Stalingrad, the islands of the Pacific, the rolling terrain of Belgium and the Battle of the Bulge.

Armored Assault II: Stalingrad 1944 will provide training missions to teach new players how to operate World War II vehicles in combat including aircraft, battle tanks, and other ground vehicles.

Armored Assault II: Stalingrad 1944 will ship with instant action missions where the player can jump right into the action and experience the thrill and excitement of intense World War II combat without having to wait for the action. Armored Assault also include campaign missions, where the player is a member of either the Axis or Allied forces participating in simulated historical missions like the Battle of Stalingrad, the massive Battle at Kirsk, Rommel versus the British in North Africa, Bridge at Remagan, and D-Day, the Invasion of Europe.

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