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Running With Scissors Launches The 'Postal League'

by Rainier on March 3, 2004 @ 11:58 a.m. PST

Independent game developer Running With Scissors has taken the wraps off the Postal League, the first organized multiplayer league for fans of POSTAL2: Share The Pain, the newest installment in the POSTAL franchise. Read more for details ...

Headquartered at, where new players can go to join, the Postal League offers team-based competition to frag-happy fans. Pre-season exhibition games are underway and now the official season is ready for kick off.

The Postal League currently comprises two divisions "Team Deathmatch 4v4" (four-on-four in a classic shootout) and "Snatch 5v5" (five-player teams competing to SNATCH each others Postal Babes). Of course, teams can be larger than four or five players, but only so many can play in a given match, as per the league rules such as they are.

"Rules aren't exactly our strong suit," confessed punished catholic school veteran and RWS honcho Vince Desi. "But teams will get to wail on one another in weekly matches with each match consisting of two games, plus a tie-breaker if necessary. The matches are being run on official servers that are setup to follow our rules whatever they turn out to be as we finish up the testing process."

All anybody needs to join the fun is a copy of POSTAL2: Share The Pain and Internet access. POSTAL2: Share The Pain is the New Combo CD featuring expanded Single player and the first ever 3D-Multiplayer version of POSTAL.

POSTAL2: Share The Pain will be shipping soon in Europe, distributed by hell-tech of Greece. For additional information on the Postal League as well as all POSTAL products, visit Running With Scissors games, including POSTAL2: Share The Pain, are available at independent and independent-minded software retailers or may be ordered directly, along with other cool merchandise, through our site at

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