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Specnaz: Project Wolf

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action

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GMX Signs 'Specnaz: Project Wolf' - Screens

by Rainier on March 3, 2004 @ 5:41 p.m. PST

“The FPS market place is crowded with mediocre titles, the genre is in desperate need of a title that offers gamers new and innovative features to enhance gameplay, SPECNAZ will not only do that, it will surpass it.” Commented newly appointed COO for GMX Media Eugene Perry. “The title was already a success before we announced it as our partners world wide have been clamoring over themselves to get the distribution rights for their territory. Our acquisition of this title shows our determination and skill when it comes to acquiring titles, we were one of 42 companies looking to acquire it, companies that included 3 of the biggest publishers in the world. The game is due to be completed in the summer, with release date planned for Fall 2004. We intend to invest a massive amount on funds marketing the title, marketing is planned to kickoff mid-March 2004.”

Ron Kubik BYTE Software CEO: "We are extremely confident that GMX is the correct partner for us, we believe that they will make SPECNAZ a great success in the UK and in the world market. BYTE Software believes that GMX are going to be one of the largest publishers in the World and we hope that SPECNAZ Project Wolf will aid them in achieving this."

Martin Hornak (Development director): "Development continues at a high pace and we hope that players in the gaming community will be excited about our cooperation with GMX. We are confident that BYTE Software will create a fantastic game and bring some new elements to an already popular genre with new and innovative GAMEPLAY features were working on."

SPECNAZ is the abbreviation for the Russian army called "SPECialnogo NAZnacenie", which means "special assignment". The same name was also used for the English forces SAS or the US Delta Force. In 1980s in the time of "Cold War", the western analysts used abbreviation SPECNAZ for some special forces of the Russian military. As a result, the impression of SPECNAZ being the only comparable force with the Americans Special Forces was created.

SPECNAZ is the First Person Shooter Tactic game, built on 3D outdoor engine AMOEBA. The main characteristic feature is the tactic-action model, which the game provides to the player, as well as gives him/her opportunities for successful completion of missions without any limitations. Another important factor of the game is the Wolf, skills and services of which the player will be able to use within about 60% of the game.

More information on the title and its features will be announced as development progresses.


  • First Person
  • 39+39 military missions
    • Iran 10+10
    • Yemen 10+10
    • Afghanistan 6+6
    • Uzbekistan 4+4
    • Myanmar 9+9(cooperation with Delta Force)
  • Weapons 21+
  • Military trained wolf (in 60% of missions)
  • Combination of action and tactic
  • Vehicles (land, air)

Release Date: Fall 2004

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