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SCi's Financial Result Reveals New Products...

by Rainier on March 30, 2004 @ 9:54 a.m. PST

Today UK publisher SCi disclosed their latest finanical update and apart from the fact they booked a smaller loss than expected (these days that seems to be a good thing), it also reveals a few new products for fiscal year 2005/2006. SCi has enter a publishing deal with Rebellion for a new PS2/Xbox action title, Rogue Trooper, based on a 2000AD comic book. The results also reveal that while Conflict: Vietnam is still in development, Pivotal is already at work on a fourth title in the franchise. Read more for additional details ...

SCi’s three planned product launches for the second half of the financial year are as follows:

  • Galleon, an action adventure game from Lara Croft® creator, Toby Gard, is scheduled for release in June 2004. It will initially launch exclusively on the Xbox and, in addition, SCi has entered into partnership with 8Bit Games and Digital Bridges to launch the game for mobile phones this summer. Initial reaction to the game has been very positive and is likely to become a valuable addition to the Group's product range.
  • Richard Burns Rally, will be released on Playstation 2, Xbox and PC during the summer. Richard Burns Rally builds on SCi’s expertise with the long running Rally Championship series and aims to be the most accurate recreation of real life rallying seen to date.
  • Conflict: Vietnam, the third title in the highly successful Conflict series, is scheduled for release in September 2004 and will be published in North America by Take Two Interactive with guaranteed revenue from this contract benefiting the second half of the financial year.

SCi continues to build its pipeline of products for the 2005 and 2006 financial years:

  • SCi has recently signed an agreement with Rebellion, one of the UK’s leading developers, to publish Rogue Trooper. Rogue Trooper is an action adventure game based on the popular 2000AD comic book series. Rogue Trooper is being developed on PS2 and Xbox and is expected to shortly complete its prototype phase.
  • As announced recently a new version in SCi’s Carmageddon series has recently moved from prototype into full development. This product is being developed on PS2 and Xbox by Visual Sciences, a Scottish based developer that has previously worked extensively for Electronic Arts.
  • The development of the fourth game in the Conflict series by Pivotal Games is well underway with the release scheduled for the second half of 2005. Initial design work has already begun on the fifth in the series.

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