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Hostile Intent

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action

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'Hostile Intent' - Updated Mod Available NOW

by Rainier on March 31, 2004 @ 12:54 p.m. PST

Hostile Intent is a Total Conversion for Half-life that rose from the ashes from The Sherman Project. Eventhough the concept behind Hostile intent hasn't changed, it is in fact different from The Sherman Project. Every original feature for The Sherman Project is still in, but the new team has thought of many new original ideas and concepts.

Get the Hostile Intent v1.2 Mod off Worthplaying (18/117mb)

Here is the coding changelog for the 1.2 version:

  • Added vote_kick and vote_kick_team commands
  • to control voting, added:
    • sv_votetime (sets the duration of the voting, in minutes)
    • sv_votefrequency (the number of minutes that must have passed since the last vote was started)
    • sv_votepercentage (percentage of yes votes required to kick, default is 60)
    • sv_votekickteamonly (if set to 1, players can only use vote_kick_team)
  • Added forgive tk. A player whose number of unforgiven TKs equals the value of sv_punishtk will be kicked
  • Added spectator restrictions (set by server admin):
    • spec_teamonly [0 | 1] *restricts players to viewing teammates only (first person or chase)
    • spec_forcefirstperson [0 | 1] *makes "First Person" the only available spectator mode
    • spec_fadetoblack [0 | 1] *blacks out spectators screens for the remainder of the round
  • Added extra ammo item to the equipment vgui; gives you +2 mags for both primary and secondary (taking 2 of this item has no additional effect)
  • Added default loadout on the equipment VGUI (M16/AK47, glock/cougar, frag, flash)
  • Added Mag count (appears in the lower right corner during a reload)
  • Added mp_spawnperiod [number of seconds]. If a player joins a team within the given number of seconds from the start of the round, they are allowed to spawn
  • Added HI Team (D) and Tester (T) icons to the scoreboard. Checks Steam ID to verify identity
  • Added icon to the scoreboard to identify dead players (only seen by observers)
  • Changed bullet spread changes depending on player's stance and movement
  • Changed, lowered ammo of ammo given by 1 magazine for all weapons
  • Changed pistol damage (increase)
  • Changed Cougar mag capacity 15 and Glock mag capacity to 17
  • Changed, you can't raise your sights while in mid-air anymore
  • Changed, sniper rifles lower if the player moves too fast
  • Changed, flashbang ring is only heard by player who got flashed (not players in the surrounding area as well)
  • Fixed lowered prone FP viewpoint to prevent "helmet camming" exploit
  • Fixed spectators talking to living players with voice communication. Voice comm in observer mode only goes to other observers on your team. Observers can hear their living teammates speak
  • Fixed weather particle collision detection so particles will not go through walls/windows
  • Fixed, observers can't use the radio anymore
  • Fixed animation bug that occured while holding a grenade in prone
  • Fixed many other smaller bug fixes
  • Removed the environment muzzle flash for the SD weapons

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