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'Mafioso' (Xbox/PC) - Screens

by Rainier on March 4, 2004 @ 1:12 p.m. PST

Mafioso is an upcoming real time action-strategy game, based on activities of actual modern crime organizations. During the Campaign you will embody either the leader of a small crew of Italian-origin mobsters, Japanese Yakuza members or Russian Redfellas. Mafioso is an original RTS Crime SIM with Indoor Action and cRPG elements. Real Power can't be given. It must be taken! Read more for details and screens ...

Guided by an intense storyline you'll go for the top position in your Syndicate, while building your own huge empire of crime and corruption, compete rival crime organizations, set up prostitution rings, gambling dens, run drug production & distribution, forgeries, raise extortion rackets, accept and fulfill assassination contracts.
Live out the other, darker side of the American Dream and come to know the realities behind the Crime World, the traditions of specific syndicates and methods of accumulating wealth in the crime scene.

Mafioso features advanced AI, incredibly detailed characters and vehicles, a complex reputation and diplomatic system, a feature-rich economical structure with legal businesses, money laundering operations and illicit activities, all set up in a huge 3D urban environment.

Game overview:

  • Crime Syndicate Simulation with RPG elements in Real-Time.
  • Your characters live in an undivided, breathing city, 30+ square miles in size with hundreds of inhabitants, tight traffic, day & night cycles and changing weather.
  • Prove yourself as a Wiseguy in the Italian La Cosa Nostra, a member of the Yakuza or a tough Russian Mobster during a large story-driven Single Player Campaign.
  • Run each one of the six available crime syndicates in Multiplayer Games: La Cosa Nostra, Chinese Triads, Japanese Yakuza, Caribbean Voodoo Clan, Mexican Cartel and Russian Redfellas.
  • Compete, infiltrate, get allied or fight and destroy rival syndicates and hold the Police and Feds on large distance;
  • Each of your crew-members can make himself a racketeer, pimp, hitman, forger, bouncer, bodyguard and many more else.
  • They develop their skills (up to 13 different) depending on the jobs you order them - and you may order them to do whatever you need done.
  • Your characters are not paid by the hour - in fact they run business and make money for you.
  • But don't miss payment to your superiors, unless you don't care about your Reputation or your bare Life.
  • Equip your valuable crew with weapons, bullet proof vests and other gadgets. Take care of them, 'coz they are not easily replaceable.
  • Use the environment to your advantage during hot combat situations - get down taking cover and hiding behind obstacles or engaging hostiles in quick drive-by shootings.
  • Always watch the cops and bribe them well to make sure they don't waste up business. But if they get your men caught, bribe those out of jail or hit the prisoner transport as last option.
  • Compete challenging campaign settings and dozens of random encounters and contracts that make each game unique.
  • Climb up the Hierarchy Tree in your Family and strengthen your position in the organization by building up your crew with loyal Associates.
  • Rise your own crime empire and make it prosper


  • Entirely in 3D. Free camera movement, zoom and rotation...
  • There is no division in separate game levels: The advancement during the game is completely continuous.
  • The Game is open-ended: after completing the scenario the Player is free to continue his struggle for Power & Money.
  • Actually there are some features available only after the story ends.
  • In-Game Diplomatic and Reputation System giving the Player more options than just to eliminate rival gangs : Tribute Payments, Non-Aggression Treaties, Trade Agreements, Alliances and War Declarations (but keep in mind : mostly Mob War isn't declared, just done!).
  • Carefully investigated crime world simulation brought to maximal realistic view with detailed background information on the syndicates, available in game and in the Mafioso Crime-cyclopedia(TM).
  • Indoor action - detailed interiors available in 30+ active locations / buildings (brothels, night clubs, restaurants, police stations).
  • Controversial elements (production and distribution of amphetamine and marihuana, assassinations, corruption and prostitution) presented in a reasonably non-offending way.
  • LAN and Internet Multiplayer.
  • Built from the scratch and powered by our own high performance DigitalOmerta(TM) Game Engine.
  • Mafioso will be available for PC and the Xbox platform.

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