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'Horizons: Empire of Istaria' Announces New Player Race

by Rainier on March 5, 2004 @ 5:16 p.m. PST

In a first for a Massively Multiplayer online game, the actions of players have resulted in an entirely new playable race for Horizons: Empire of Istaria. The event, which was started upon release of the game in December, was an epic achievement to free the race from their subjugation from the undead hordes of the Withered Aegis. Read more for details ...

Satyrs, the half goat, half human creature of mythology, is now the tenth unique playable race. They join the ranks of other living races; Elves, Dwarves, Half-Giants, Gnomes, Sslik, Saris, Humans, Fiends, and Dragons.

Players discovered four caves in mid December that had fallen into disrepair. These caves appeared to be guarded by many undead creatures, including the first sighting of undead Satyrs. Players quickly began the task of construction on these caves in order to repair them and discover the secrets inside. During this process, the Withered Aegis starting launching attacks on the builders at the caves and even launched major offenses into several player towns. The Dwarven capital city of Aughundell fell under the control of the Undead for sometime. Hoping that these attacks would cause the builders to lose focus, several Generals were dispatched to lead these assaults.

However, the Undead Hordes underestimated the players' resolve and construction continued. Finally, the last stone was set into place and the caves revealed their secrets. Buried deep inside were Travel Gates, leading to four new islands! Rare, precious metals were discovered which, with the help of crafters, were infused into weapons to assault the islands' greatest secrets -- machines. It was rumored that these machines contained the power which was holding influence over the minds of the Satyrs and making them into the slaves of the Undead.

With the Withered Aegis' forces making a final stand at the machines, many brave adventurers gave their lives to guarantee the destruction of the machines and the salvation of the subjugated Satyrs. With a great blow, the final machine was destroyed and a great cheer was heard across all of Istaria. The Satyrs had been freed!

With the Satyrs finally freed, the players are now able to concentrate on the liberation of the Elven capitol, which has been held by enemy forces for a considerable time. Once this has been accomplished, who knows what new challenges will await. There are already rumors of other subjugated races and mystical lost races that have been forgotten or thought of only as myth.

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