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'BF1942: Forgotten Hope' - Mod Update Available NOW

by Rainier on March 6, 2004 @ 11:17 a.m. PST

Forgotten Hope Beta 0.6 is about 60% complete and features a huge number of planes, tanks and battleships - not only beautifully modelled, but also simulated in a very realistic way. To top it all off there is a choice of new maps as well. The FH Mod team has released a new patch bringing their BF1942 mod to v0.61 (they initially released 0.6, but a few bugs crept in so they immediately issued a 0.61 fix). You HAVE to delete FH0.5 before installing this version. Now sit back & relax, this download is HUGE (you NEED all 3 files!).

Get the Forgotten Hope 0.6 Mod (file1/2) off Worthplaying (700mb)

Get the Forgotten Hope 0.6 Mod (file2/2) off Worthplaying (550mb)

Get the Forgotten Hope 0.61 Mod Update off Worthplaying (40mb)

IMPORTANT: You HAVE to delete the Forgotten Hope 0.5 directory BEFORE you install 0.6, if not you may get major problems and/or crashes.

FH 0.6 is a FULL version, NOT a patch! ALL 3 files are needed for you to be able to install and play FH 0.6.

Forgotten Hope will bring you two new armies: The French and Italian Forces. But there are also new weapons for the Germans and British armies planned, and later on also other new nations will make their way into the mod.

Forgotten Hope 0.61 features :

  • 130 vehicles
  • more than 40 maps
    • Atlantic
    • Crete
    • Zielona Gora
    • Battle of Valirisk
    • Battle of Orel
    • Gazala (Original map usable by Forgotten Hope)
    • Kharkov Winter (redone Kharkov map)
    • Karelia
  • new sounds and textures
  • new gameplay
  • new grafics
  • new damage system
  • 15 new weapons

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