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'America's Army: Special Forces' Tournament At E3

by Rainier on April 1, 2004 @ 9:04 a.m. PST

The U.S. Army announced today that it has teamed with Ultimate Arena to hold the AMD America's Army: Special Forces Tournament at E3. The tournament will be run by Ultimate Arena and supported by Even Balance's PunkBuster. The final match between a team of four civilians and four active duty U.S. Army Soldiers will take place at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) trade show in Los Angeles which runs May 12-14, 2004.

Qualifying tournament matches will take place from April 16th through April 25th. The championship match will occur on May 13th at the America’s Army booth at E3 for a prize of $5,000 in cash plus 4 Athlon 64 FX-53 processors (retail value of over $800 each) plus travel expenses. Players can sign up for the tournament at <> . An entry fee of $3 will be required. Players will be able to use Ultimate Arena’s Xfire ( <> ), the leading instant messager program for gamers, to communicate and coordinate matches more easily.

A $100 warm-up tournament for registered players will be held Thursday, April 7th and Friday, April 8th to allow people to get familiar with the tournament system.

During the qualifying matches, players may compete as individuals or in teams of any size. The 16 civilians with the highest Ultimate Arena America’s Army: Special Forces rating on April 18th will be entered into a 4v4 semi-finals bracket tournament that will take place on April 24th. These civilian semi-finalists will arrange themselves into four 4-person teams and play a single elimination tournament. The U.S. Army will select the Soldier finalist team. The finalist civilian team and Soldier teams will be determined by April 29th.

The finalist civilian team will receive a Grand Prize trip for four to the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) trade show where they will play the U.S. Army Soldier team on May 13th.

The America's Army ( game provides civilians with an inside perspective and virtual role in the U.S. Army. With more than 3 million registered player accounts, America's Army is one of the most popular online games in the world. The Special Forces version of America’s Army allows players to expand upon the capabilities and attributes earned in America's Army: Operations while they explore the development and employment of elite Special Forces Soldiers in America's Army: Special Forces.

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