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'Saga of Ryzom' - Open Beta Announced

by Rainier on April 13, 2004 @ 10:00 a.m. PDT

Nevrax announced today that the Saga of Ryzom, its highly anticipated multi-genre massively multiplayer RPG, enters Open Beta beginning today, April 13th 2004. Community relations and customer support for the beta will be provided by the Themis Group in the United States, and hosting will be provided by Jolt Online Gaming. Read more for details ...

"We have eagerly anticipated the opportunity to bring the Saga of Ryzom into open beta," said David Cohen-Corval, CEO of Nevrax. “Players should expect a refreshing new beginning to the genre today.”

The Beta 3 client will be available online exclusively through Gamespy's Fileplanet download service ( Only subscribers of the Fileplanet service will have access to the Open Beta the first week, with open admittance beginning the week after. The Beta 3 client will also be distributed as a DVD insert in leading gaming publications in France, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

"We’re excited that people will soon be able to experience the Saga of Ryzom for the very first time," said Alexander Macris, CEO of Themis Group.

In the far off distant future, four homin races struggle for survival on the planet of Atys. Known as the “living planet”, Atys is growing and evolving on its own, sending tendrils into the sky and covering the lands with new life. This lush and vibrant world is the setting for the game. The Saga will be played out over a period of eight years, during which the players will be able to explore and adventure with thousands of others, in order to reveal the hidden mysteries not only of Atys, but of the entire Ryzom universe.

Driven by the new RAID (Real-Time Army Invasion Deployment) engine, Ryzom enables you to:

  • Engage hordes of enemies in epic invasions;
  • Build a truly unique character using flexible, skill-based advancement systems;
  • Create your own customized special attacks and spells using the Modular Action System;
  • Construct, customize, and enchant items to create unique powerful equipment for your character;
  • Gain fame through your adventures and become a known Hero of the land.

To sign up for the beta or learn more about Saga of Ryzom, go to Players who have registered for the Beta, can get customer support and join the community at

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