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'Operation Flashpoint: Resistance' - Update Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on April 14, 2004 @ 5:13 p.m. PDT

After a long hiatus Codemasters has released a new patch for Bohemia Interactive's FPS Operation Flashpoint: Resistance/GotY Edition. This update brings your retail game to v1.96 and addresses various fixes for multiplayer problems, improved stability & security, and various other game tweaks (thanks Blues). Read more for a detailed fix list and download links ...

Get the Operation Flashpoint: Resistance/GoTY v1.96 off WP (13mb)

This package will update your Operation Flashpoint Game of the Year Edition to version 1.96.



Run OFPGOTYPatch_196.exe.

WARNING: Multiplayer game in 1.96 version is NOT compatible with 1.75-1.91 games / servers.


- When MP mission file transfer failes, client is disconnected
- Several anti-cheat measures implemented.
- Unit killed inside a vehicle sometimes did not respawn.
- Gunner aiming was unstable.
- Visual glithes in the ingame browser.
- Faster response in various game setup screens.
- Testing of server-client mod compatibility is now possible.

Stability and Security:

- More improvements in virtual address range handling. This should prevent error messages like "Out of memory (index buffer)
- Various crash opportunities fixed.
- Better handling of virtual memory address space. When this space was exhausted, it could cause a crash or olive green screen.
- AI waypoint delays and other AI degradation was possible on very fast CPU.
- Whole partition could be deleted when DirectPlay server creation failed (this could happen when TCP component was missing or it was blocked by a firewall).
- Different file-acess technique is now used when memory mapping fails. This should prevent Cannot memory map file errors.
- Some crash opportunities fixed.


- Command "private" did not work when variable name contained any upper case letter.
- Event handlers were not saved properly (affects some 3rd party addons).
- Event handler "init" is now launched on all machines in MP game.


- Improved AI Airplane dogfighting.
- Fixed terrain lighting direction bug.
- Autocentering force did not work properly on some joysticks including MS Sidewinder FF 2.
- Some other minor bugs fixed.


1.96 - Fixed: SCUD animation caused strange visual behaviour (introduced in 1.95)

1.96 - Fixed: Long blue triangle artifacts (introduced in 1.95).

1.96 - Fixed: MP - when mission file transfer failes, client is disconnected.

1.95 - Fixed: More improvements in virtual address range handling.

1.95 - Fixed: AI units could not take any magazines.

1.95 - Improved: Several anti-cheat measures implemented.

1.95 - Improved: AI Airplane dogfight evasive tactics.

1.95 - Fixed: Airplane rudder working during flight.

1.95 - Fixed: after load, engine was off for cars, tanks and planes

1.95 - Optimized: Much faster map drawing for very big islands.

1.95 - Fixed: Rendering artifact: White dots or lines on a terrain when using HW T&L.

1.95 - Fixed: Bug in animation loading. As a result some 3rd party addons with custom animation could cause a crash.

1.95 - Fixed: Ship wobbling when going south and using mouse controls.

1.93 - Fixed: MP: Some .pbo files containing subdirectories were not accessed correctly on Linux server. This included sounds.pbo and voice.pbo.

1.93 - Improved: Nonconnectable sessions are on the end of MP session list

1.93 - Fixed: Wrong time left info position in MP session list
1.93 - Fixed: Lighting direction was wrong on terrain (bug was present since version 1.00 and even before)

1.93 - Fixed: Units inside vehicles sometimes did not respawn.

1.93 - Fixed: Autocentering force did not work properly on some joysticks including MS Sidewinder FF 2.

1.93 - Fixed: MP: Small numeric error in vehicle orientation network transfer could make gunner aiming very difficult (cursor could move with no reason).

1.93 - Fixed: Crash when SCUD launch sound loading failed.

1.93 - Fixed: Possible crash during removeAllEventHandlers.

1.93 - Fixed: Crash possible when deleteVehicle was used in waypoint "On activation" field.

1.93 - Fixed: Scripting command "private" did not work when variable name contained any upper case letter.

1.93 - Fixed: Crash when too long mod list entered

1.93 - Fixed: Crash when "variants" field in the voice config was empty.

1.93 - Fixed: Scripting command drop could cause crash when used with NULL object.

1.93 - Fixed: Event handlers were not saved properly.

1.93 - Fixed: New command line option -nomap was ignored sometimes.

1.93 - Fixed: AI waypoint delays and other AI degradation possible on very fast (~3GHz) CPU due to bad handling of high resolution timers.

1.92 - Improved: Flushing of stdout (for instant console output) on Linux.

1.92 - Fixed: Game sometimes freeze when AI rearms

1.92 - Fixed: Event handler "init" is now launched on all machines in MP game

1.92 - Improved: MP: faster response in MP-game setup (mission setup, roles assignment, connecting to server, ..)

1.92 - Fixed: Avoid delete of partition (rmdir *.*) when DirectPlay server creation failed

1.92 - Fixed: Different file-acess technique used when memory mapping fails. This should prevent Cannot memory map file errors. This alternative technique
can be also enforced for all files by using command line switch -nomap

1.92 - Fixed: Crashes in MP when somebody use ammunition which does not exist on other computers (for example through mods)

1.92 - Added: New server.cfg option "equalModRequired". When used, users with different -mod than the one used on the server cannot connect.

1.92 - Added: Testing of -mod compatibility in MP

1.91 - Fixed: When MP mission was played after resistance campaign, weapon pool was available in MP.

1.91 - New: New scripting function typeOf <object>.

1.91 - Fixed: Vehicle movements slow downhill on some roads.

1.90 - Fixed: MP: Flying ammo crates or jumping vehicles caused by inconsistent terrain roughness determination.

1.90 - Fixed: MP: Cheating opportunity fixed: setPos can be no longer used to change position of objects that are part of landscape.

1.90 - Fixed: Improved text drawing in atypic resolutions like 1600x900.

1.90 - Fixed: Keyboard rudder control enabled while taxiing.

1.90 - New: Servers checks if world file (.wrp) used by client matches server version.

1.90 - New: MP: Added server.cfg array checkfiles[] - list of files that should be checked for each player connecting. Example:

1.90 - New: MP: Added #debug checkfile command. Server admins can use this command to check if any file used by clients matches server version.

1.90 - Added: functions isEngineOn, engineOn

1.90 - Fixed: Message "Player ... is loosing connection" isn't write for server now

1.90 - Improved: Adjustable 2D viewport - improved support for Surround Gaming.

1.90 - Improved: Better airplane AI dogfighting.

1.90 - Fixed: Airplanes try to avoid mid-air collisions.

1.90 - Fixed: Tank and car exhausts did not work (introduced in 1.85)

1.90 - Fixed: createVehicle may be used to create shells and other non-ai vehicles.

1.89 - Fixed: XML download for Linux (can use no-protocol URI and proxy-server).

1.89 - Added: Item "proxy" added to Flashpoint.cfg to enforce proxy server used to download xml squad page etc.

1.89 - Fixed: It was impossible to climb some very steep stairways.

1.89 - Fixed: Helicopers appeared white on radar after Load/Retry.

1.89 - Fixed: onMapSingleClick handler is now saved when saving game

1.89 - Fixed: createUnit init string was not transferred in MP games

1.89 - Fixed: Joining to DirectPlay sessions through ingame browser often failed

1.89 - Improved: Slow plane takeoff improved, added more adjustable config parameters.

1.89 - Fixed: Chat sound more quiet.

1.89 - New: Adjustable plane wheel steering (wheelSteeringSensitivity). Should make big plane taxiing possible.

1.89 - Fixed: Resource cheating now shows "Modified config" message.

1.88 - Added: Dedicated server command #debug (userInfo) (Requires 1.87 client)

1.87 - New: Server can determine max. size of any single custom file acceptable on the server. To do this add line MaxCustomFileSize=size_in_bytes
into Flashpoint.cfg file. Users with custom face or custom sound larger than
this size are kicked when trying to connect.

1.87 - Fixed: Too many dead bodies were kept on server in 1.85.

1.87 - Added: Dedicated server command #debug (console, totalSent, userSent) (Requires 1.87 client, client output sent to OS using OuputDebugString)

1.86 - Fixed: Parachutes no longer smoke when destroyed.

1.86 - Added: function sideLogic

1.86 - Fixed: On dedicated server with mission rotating, after #login and #missions no missions appears

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