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'WarBirds 2004' Launches

by Rainier on April 15, 2004 @ 3:06 p.m. PDT

iEntertainment Network announced today that WarBirds 2004, a brand new version of the World Famous WarBirds game, is available for download at WarBirds 2004 builds upon the success of its predecessor WarBirds III, which received high remarks from gaming critics and flight simulation enthusiasts since its release last year.

Featuring 4 new terrains, 21 additional airplanes and enhanced ballistic modeling, WarBird pilots can now experience a variety of new historical arenas, providing hours of gripping action and new combinations of WWII battle strategies. In addition, WarBirds 2004 includes original flight models derived from actual scientific flight data, which accurately replicates the aircraft flight characteristics representative of the time period.

"It has been my personal goal since the inception of the WarBirds series to provide the most realistic and historic WWII flight simulation experience," said Wild Bill Stealey, chief executive officer of IENT. "With WarBirds 2004, we implemented feedback from the flight simulation community, the media and our dedicated fans to create the most exciting WWII flight sim available on the Internet today."

With enhanced sound and graphics, such as explosion effects, new water and coast line effects, more accurate tracer gunfire and varying weather models, players will relive the most intense aircraft combat wars of WWII. Other major features include improved interface, functioning drop tanks, historic tracer fire rates, along with a mouse look/track IR support for true virtual reality flying. Another brand new, exciting feature in WarBirds 2004 is anti-aircraft artillery that players can now actually man to defend their bases.

WarBirds 2004, is developed and published by IENT and is now available to flight simulation enthusiasts FREE for a 2-week trial period. For additional information on WarBirds 2004 and other products in the Total Sims Series, visit

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