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'SÖLDNER: Secret Wars' - Updated Demo Available NOW

by Rainier on April 23, 2004 @ 9:16 p.m. PDT

Encore has released an updated beta demo for Wings Simulations online multiplayer shooter SÖLDNER: Secret Wars. This beta demo features the same 2 maps (Cold Winter & River Side), 3 game modes (Conquest, TDM & Hostage Rescue) and already has several of the weapons and vehicles enabled as before but with a ton of fixes and game balancing. Read more for details & download links...

Get the Soldner: Secret Wars v2.0 Beta Demo Off worthplaying (220mb)

Having proved their knowledge of Military Games with their title Panzer Elite, Wings Simulations now leads us head long into military action in the year 2010: After half a century of military interventions, major countries like the USA and Russia are tired of their role as the "World Police". The consequences of their military actions for their economies, national security and internal ethnic conflicts were becoming too severe and eventually led to the conclusion to tone down their campaigns. Instead more and more countries choose increasingly unconventional warfare by using special secret forces. Military success is no longer made by major countries but by small and highly specialized mercenary troops.

Major Fixes:

  • Overall number of worldwide simultaneous players has been substantially increased. More servers are now available for players to access.
  • Fixed crash bug caused by crypter code
  • Fixed crash bug caused by refresh rate overrides of some drivers
  • fixed crash when portal disconnects player while playing
  • fixed crash if you die while throwing a grenade
  • fixed some problems with Win98
  • New soldier collision code which fixes several problems
  • A lock icon has been placed next to server names, indicating that server is password protected.
  • serverlist gets pinged faster (note: “xxx” means server has firewall and cannot transmit ping rate)
  • implemented “pop-up” map which can be used without having to leave game (“M Key)
  • Added new menu option that allows rate setting for different internet connection speeds
  • Implemented basic filters for server lists. Now servers can be filtered for the following:
    • Favorites
    • Hide password protected servers
    • Hide high ping servers
    • Hide servers w/earlier version of demo
    • Hide empty, full servers
  • Hostages are now released when you get them to the extraction area in Hostage Rescue mode

Play Balancing Fixes:

  • raised pricing of sniper kit and bombing kit
  • C4 bombs now last only 10 minutes
  • refill rate of medkit and toolkit raised
  • throwing grenades now reveals hidden snipers
  • commander remains as commander even if he is killed. Only way to have a new cmdr is to revote or disconnect
  • raised the distance player names are shown
  • increased range of Infra-Red and Night Vision devices
  • adjusted capture radius of flags
  • Player only spawns once per round in Team Deathmatch and Hostage Rescue mode
  • adjusted MG3 and PKM bullet spread value
  • adjusted reloading speeds of all launchers
  • changed behavior of non guided and locking missiles

Minor Fixes:

  • Put delay of 60 seconds in place for team changes
  • slight map adjustments
  • implemented different tree destructions
  • fixed many problems with swimming
  • changed soldier jump and way jumps are handled
  • fixed some gesture mix up with text and sound
  • fixed fence animation with broken fences
  • fixed several minor menu problems
  • Soldier stance display now works correctly with Ctrl Key
  • fixed reloading and timer display on unit secondary weapons
  • put tutorial screens in place
  • Implemented team menu to allow equipping before spawning in Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch modes
  • Fixed several inconsistencies with unit settings regarding scopes, camera, weapons and physics
  • fixed the slow motion bug for units without controllers (driver/pilots)
  • fixed vanishing lock hud with apaches and hinds
  • flashbang now has sound
  • fixed/adjusted many sounds of units
  • volume for long distance sounds adjusted
  • implemented occlusion culling for faster speed
  • fixed some particle effects problems with map change and units on hooks
  • speedup of water Fx and fog
  • improved support for logging crash errors
  • removed ability to connect to local client with web interface

NOTE: There is a rare crash that a user may experience. The crash has to do with distance rendering of rockets. It is being addressed, but should not affect your gaming experience overall as it has been rare.

Two maps:

  • Cold Winter (supports jets 16-32 players)
  • Riverside (supports helicopters 16-32 players)

Three game modes:

  • Conquest – A variation of “Capture the Flag,” the goal is to capture all the bases of the opposite team. Once the bases’ flag is captured, it changes color (as the soldier stays near the flag for a short time). Points are deducted from the team with the least amount of bases/flags. Once the team loses all its bases or the timer reaches zero, the game is over.
  • Team Deathmatch – One of the simplest of MP games; teams fight against each other, and hits are counted for each team.
  • Hostage Rescue – One team holds NPC hostages while the other team tries to rescue them and escort them to a target area. If either team eliminates a hostage, they receive a “penalty.”

All equipment:

  • Medi-Kit
  • Engineer Tool-Kit
  • Bomb Kit
  • Commander Kit
  • Sniper Kit
  • Visor (Infra-Red)
  • Visor (Night Vision)
  • Body Armor

Weapons and vehicles:

  • 3 pistols
  • 17 rifle class (machine guns, sniper rifles, grenade launcher, etc)
  • All the grenades (colored smoke, frag, stun)
  • 4 rocket launchers
  • 13 wheeled vehicles (jeeps to APC’s and more!)
  • 6 tracked vehicles (APC’s to main battle tanks)
  • 8 VTOL craft (AH-64D Apache, Ka-50 Hokum, UH-60/-60L BlackHawks, V-22 Osprey, and more)
  • 2 VTOL jet aircraft (Harrier m4 and yak-41)

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