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'Dead Man's Hand' - Update Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on April 23, 2004 @ 9:16 p.m. PDT

Atari has released the European version of th patch for Human Head' western based FPS Dead Man's Hand. This upgrade #1 addresses various bugs, multiplayer fixes and 6 new maps (Sawdust, Backlot, OnTheTable, Silverado, Prison, Hacienda for DM, TDM & Bounty modes). Read more for details and download links ...

Get the Dead Mans Hand European Patch #1 off Worthplaying (25mb)

Install Instructions

- Locate the downloaded patch (DMH_EU_RETAIL-PATCH1.EXE) and double-click it
- Follow the on screen instructions.

6 new maps for Deathmatch/Bounty/TeamDeathmatch:

- Sawdust, a fast-paced map set in the Lenard Twins' lumber mill.
- Backlot, set on various set stages on a Dead Man's Hand movie set, where there are facades of building facades.
- OnTheTable, an oversized (literally) barroom brawl where players hide behind shot glasses and scurry along pool cues.
- Silverado, a smaller, tight level set deep in an abandoned mine.
- Prison, a larger level set in the Generalissimo's prison compound, which he uses for storing dissidents.
- Hacienda, a larger level in a moonlit Mexican town, ripe ground for roof-to-roof sniping action.

Issues Fixed:

- Fixed stuck spots in DM-/TD-/BO-Mine.
- Level-side fix for Posse waves in PO-RuinValley, PO-Church, PO-Sandstorm to prevent the flow of enemies from breaking.
- Singleplay - GhostTown and Mine mission 1 stuck spot fixed each.
- Misc. visual improvements on original maps.
- Fixed wrong hint messages in Prison and Rivercity (US only)
- Xbicons has textures removed (legal)
- Removed new bounty message for newly joined players
- No longer show bounty message if no playername is given

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