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Singles: Flirt Up Your Life

Platform(s): Arcade, Game Boy Advance, GameCube, Nintendo DS, PC, PSOne, PSP, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox, Xbox 360
Genre: Simulation

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'Singles: Flirt Up Your Life' Coming to North America

by Rainier on April 27, 2004 @ 9:49 a.m. PDT

“Eidos is taking the idea of reality simulation up several notches to a new, unhindered level of gameplay, offering consumers the opportunity to not only develop relationships and manipulate character interactions, but to also take on a voyeuristic role that is so popular in today’s reality television shows,” says Tom Marx, project manager at Eidos. ”Singles breaks the barriers and paves the way for more jaw-dropping, eye-popping fun the way reality simulation should be.”

Singles: Flirt Up Your Life places players in the role of matchmaker. Choosing from over a dozen, unique characters, the player will pick two people to move into a sparsely decorated apartment and begin their adventure together as new roommates. Numerous opportunities to engage the characters in situations will make or break their relationship in the house. The player, having no idea what each individual’s tastes and opinions are, must choose the character’s actions as they interact and learn about one another. Anticipation and curiosity will build from learning how to collaborate on furnishing the home, to finding out what your roommate enjoys watching on television most. Of course, if someone forgets to vacuum the house, there will be trouble.

Simple interactions can uncover shy insecurities, quirky behaviours, anger fits, and of course, intensely flirty situations which can lead to levels beyond friendship. The successful bond the player creates between the characters is what allows boundaries to slip and attraction and physical intimacy to take over. Even the most opposite characters have a chance at romance.

Singles: Flirt Up Your Life will offer an extensive list of features giving players direct control of their relationship building. The state of the art 3D engine allows for the apartment to act as a veritable blank canvas. Players will have numerous options to decorate and manipulate their environment including a large bank of decorations, appliances, and add-ons to allow for creative new ways to spice up their home and its inhabitants. Character models are highly detailed offering realistic facial expressions and “true to life” displays of the human body that can all be appreciated as the game progresses. The real-time dynamic lighting model gives the needed mood to both the characters and environments, to evolve into romantic, possibly even erotic scenarios.

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