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Squad Assault: West Front

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Genre: Strategy

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'Squad Assault: West Front' - Update Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on April 28, 2004 @ 2:10 a.m. PDT

Get the Squad Assault: West Front v1.80 (US/UK) patch off WP (6mb)

The new v1.80 update includes improvements to vehicle animation and rate of fire as well as significant enhancements to the morale system, which now routs units less frequently and allows them to rally more quickly. The computer player benefits by reorganizing more quickly and conducts counterattacks more effectively than in previous versions.

Patch 1.6 Fixes

Changes LOS for in to, out of and through buildings tuned up
Fixed LOS bugs for shots killing units when out of LOS
Archer Tank Destroyer tuned up.
Fixed a problem with Courseulles sur Mer building not opening
Units use cover better
Monteborg map rotated
AI grenade use tune up
UI Cleanup
Fixed lockup with [ key
Clearer UI text, especially Win98
LOS Problem with hedgrows and LOS LOF fire problem fixed
Use hardware cursor (The last minute change that made all the difference)

Patch 1.3 Fixes

Tank pathing though waypoints fixed
Luzerne map Typo on the German briefing
Brit & Canadian 3 & 2 Inch Mortars tuned up
Fixed problem with new nationalities
Redundant screen fades entering 3d
All Inf. AT weapons reload slower
Mouse over highlighting works if the unit markers are off
Set the max height to 100m
Performance increases on ALL machines
Camera pans at windows edge with right mouse button held down
Smoother animations
Tree LOD's adjusted for game speed
Sped up camera movement
Vehicle main arm machine gun fix
Vehicle overruns adjusted
New Merville world
Left Arrow or "Q" key: Turn Left
Right Arrow or "E" key: Turn Right
Home or "D" key: Strafe right
End or "A" key: Strafe left
Right mouse button held down swivels camera, changes camera axis, and pans camera when held at left and right edge of screen.
Reversed Mouse wheel moves camera up and down.
Order menu appears near mouse pointer when activated
Hand 2 Hand combat is more lethal
When you save a game it does not start using that new file by default. If you want to do that once you save you have to exit and restart the new saved game
App should not leave the file mikebug.txt in the install directory
Reduced protection values in buildings.

Patch 1.1 Fixes

In Game tool bar has a new button, O for the orders menu
Tool bar buttons stay red when the UI item is off
Updated 2 minute timer display
Updates to 2D map
Updated chat display
Medal of Honor can now be awarded
2 minute warning should be fixed in all ops and campaigns
2 minute warning display should be fixed
Complete adjustment of hit probability for all vehicles
Black Screen in campaign game should be fixed
European Keyboards should be supported
Unit doubling with back and forth screen toggle on task force screen
Chat overwrite of tool bar should be fixed
The AI mortar and artillery spotting bug is fixed
Frame rate boost of up to double the previous frame rates on high end machines
LOS file tune up for hieght of brush and other medium height objects
Camera is not locked at the start of the scenario and does not auto lock when switching from group to group and soldier to soldier.
The Y Key locks the camera on a selected group
The H key locks the camera on a selected soldier
Hide and Ambush orders show correct colored arc in squad monitor
Tune up of Hide and Ambush orders
The hot key problem with the cursor over the UI is fixed
Adjustement to the 251/16 Flame Thrower Halftrack covered arc
The scenario editor requires 20 deployment squares per side to validate a scenario

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