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'Beyond Divinity' - Update Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on April 28, 2004 @ 7:51 p.m. PDT

Larian Studios has released the first patch for their Divinie Divinity RPG sequel Beyond Divinity. This update patch brings your English retail game to v1.32 and addresses a slew of game tweaks, bug/crash fixes and general game balancing. Read more for detailed fix list and download links ...

Get the Beyond Divinity v1.32 Patch off WP (24mb)

Bugfixes in V 1.32

  • Fixed enter battlefields for after the game ends
  • Fixed issue where character is invisible when entering battlefields
  • Fixed Hurricane skill book
  • Fixed Inventory Issues with summoning dolls
  • Fixed Possible crash with summoning dolls
  • Fixed crash with music in battlefields
  • Fixed Aperture skill crash
  • Fixed Arrow damages
  • Fixed sight skill
  • Fixed whirlwind skill with ranged weapons and Summoning dolls
  • Fixed Curse Icons
  • Fixed Age Objects
  • Fixed a problem with curses and equipment
  • Act3: Ball in well quest now marked as completed in quest log when quest is done.
  • Act2: Luck mushroom now gives boost to luck
  • Act3: Necromancer quest in wastelands: Henry now looks like a man instead of a woman.
  • Act3: Raanaar quest to kill monster in cave no longer disappears from quest log when completed.
  • Act5: Battlefield quests now regenerate correctly when entering a new battlefield through the portals in the temple at the end of the game. This will not be automatically fixed for savegames allready in act5. Act 4 must be finished again to start act 5 all over again, this will work with an already existing savegame from act 4.
  • Act3: 4 chests with 4 keys, 1 of them now opens when taking a key.
  • Act3: Find cure for man turning into crystal quest now marked as completed in questlog when done.
  • Act3: Teleporters are no longer removed at the beginning of act 3.
  • Act1: Archer quest no longer appears in quest log for no reason.
  • Act2: Imp hero admirers scene no longer hangs sometimes.
  • Act3: Earth elemental with gem of teleporter no longer hangs the game sometimes.
  • Act2: Necromancer quest little village, can now enter house which was previously not accessible.
  • Act2: Necromancer quest little village, can now talk to all children after rescuing them.
  • Act3: Serrick quest reward is now given
  • Act3: Magical gloves scene in soldier camp now also triggered when dk picks up gloves
  • Act4: Placing teddy bear in cradle now gives experience
  • Fixed magic lightbeam bug
  • Fixed Bug with game not loading properly on Windows Xp (Load bar till 50%)
  • Fixed interface problems
  • Fixed Summoning doll resistance skill
  • Fixed an issue with teleport traps
  • Battlefield dungeon flags are disabled now
  • Fixed/Balanced some various skill issues

Game enhancements

  • Improved some skill balancing
  • Raised Gold for traders

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