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'ShadowBane: The Lost Kingdom' Announced

by Rainier on April 28, 2004 @ 8:33 p.m. PDT

Shadowbane, the first MMORPG to be mainly focused on player versus player combat in an immersive, competitive world. Fighting for power and incorporating a real guild system, players will be able to take over enemy guild territories, castles and more. Shadowbane sports an impressive 300 powers, 70 skills, 22 classes, and 40 sub-class Disciplines, for a new level of individuality.

Motion-captured combat, 360-degree camera control, Polygon Reduction technology which allows graphics detail to scale based on the performance metrics of the user's machine, a real Multi-World Universe where each world is connected to a myriad of others allowing players to pass through them, are all bundled up into a fully 3D world.

Shadowbane is set in the genre of "dark fantasy." After millennia of strife, toil, and struggle, Aerynth suffered a massive catastrophe from which it has yet to recover... Players are born as children of this new Dark Age, known to the inhabitants as the Age of Strife, and the game begins approximately one hundred years after the near-complete collapse of the civilized world.


It has been five full generations since the end of the Age of Kings. When the All-Father turned his back from the World, Aerynth was cast into Darkness. The sun dimmed and shrank as the World was buffeted with tremors and furious storms. The clouds let forth a seemingly endless deluge, drowning the land with a sickening rain of blood. Disease and starvation ran unchecked, turning the surviving cities into little more than festering wounds.

Then came the Endless War.

Brutal Warlords rose up, marshalling the rabble of survivors and turning brigand mobs into formidable armies. The Holy Church struggled valiantly in a final attempt to calm the hearts of the few innocents who remain, but the griefs of the new Age overwhelmed them.

Most of the knowledge of previous Ages was lost, and a new Dark Age descended on the Children of the World. Statues of wondrous kings lie forgotten, half-buried in the sand. The Great Library of Aerynth is destroyed, her once great Towers fallen.

Chaos and strife reign supreme. Some say the End is Near... and in this Final Hour, a single hope remains.

They call it Shadowbane, a light to stand against the Darkness.

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