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'Telladar Chronicles: Reunion' Revealed

by Rainier on April 7, 2004 @ 12:56 p.m. PDT

MindLink Studio announces the development of a real-time tactical wargame in a fantasy setting, “Telladar Chronicles: Reunion”. The player will take the role of a young knight, who unexpectedly becomes the key figure of the Telladar Empire. After the death of the Emperor, Telladar is at the verge of dissolution. As the Regent and guardian of the only heir, the player must undertake the mission of reuniting the Empire and banishing its enemies, thus changing the destiny of his country and entire world of Miere.

The main features of the game are:

  • Rich, original fantasy world, inhabited by fifteen races and nations, each with its own history, unique magic, political and economical systems.
  • Armies of up to 20000 fully polygonal creatures (infantry, cavalry, various monsters and magicians) clash in epic battles on huge (4 square km) 3D maps.
  • Reserves can be engaged in action depending on the current situation and strategic disposition. Sizes of field armies are limited only by economic potential of struggling sides.
  • Each creature on the battlefield possesses a set of parameters and traits, based on complex RPGlike rules, unprecedented for mass strategy games.
  • The process of army creation allows not only choosing from pre-designed units, but also customizing them with 50+ weapons and 30+ armors and shields. The player can also adjust the number and experience of soldiers in each unit.
  • More than 100 spells and rituals will help players at strategic and tactical levels.
  • Siege, assault and defense of cities and castles using magic and various siege devices (assault ladders, siege towers and artillery, undermining, etc.).
  • Preparations for battle will allow players to construct field fortifications, arrange ambushes and traps.
  • Economical (production, trade, taxes) and political management can be delegated to AIcontrolled advisors.
  • Key characters, both friends and enemies, have their own motivations, goals and methods. This will create a unique, unpredictable plot.

The game is to be released for the PC platform in spring 2005.

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