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'Vision' Announced - Features

by Rainier on April 8, 2004 @ 8:54 a.m. PDT

Vision is the next stride forward in the evolution of modern role-playing games. Exceptional graphics, true-to-life NPC behavior and a finely tuned balance between raw action and deep story development are the essential elements that will make the title irresistible to RPG fans. Read more for details ...

"Octagon is very pleased to work with a game that is backed by such an experienced development team. ALTAR's talent is evident in the foundation they have created for Vision," said Kirk Owen, president of Octagon Entertainment. "The animations are outstanding and the level design is excellent. This game really turns your head."

"We welcome this opportunity to work with the leading entertainment software agency," said Mr. Martin Klima, director of ALTAR interactive. "It allows us to concentrate on the creative side of development and at the same time we are confident we are going to get the best deal possible."


  • Unrivaled visuals featuring real-time inverse kinematics through animation blending along with lifelike 3D models, textures and lighting
  • Dynamic and thrilling combat with diverse weapons, spells and combat styles; advanced AI fully utilizing the 3D environment in combat
  • Highly artistic, coherent level design inviting creative strategies
  • Fresh take on fantasy setting with believable behavior of both your party and the enemies; malleable characters give your party a unique dynamic
  • "Inner sight" mode that reveals hidden magic, cryptic meanings and subtle connections in a visually amazing way
  • Tight story with twists and surprises communicated through the in-game cinematics and branching dialogue system
  • Extensive system of magic items and skills; enemies ranging from lithe pixies to thundering ogres

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